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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Making running friends

Running is a very social sport considering that, you know, you pretty much do it by yourself.
Unless you're running on a team! NOTC team for Azalea Trail 10k. I'm in the middle, overdressed.

I've made good friends running, some whom I know through Varsity Sports, and some from various races or carpooling to races.
Jill, me, Celeste, and Dr. McClellan (who works at Tulane hospital) after The Wall last year . 
Today I have a throw-back running story. When I ran Baton Rouge Beach oh, a year and a half ago!, I made some friends. I mentioned in the recap that after I finished I got my 15 minutes of fame as people wanted to hear about my 27 mile race (As reality TV has proven, stupidity is entertaining...).  Well, when I was ready to head back to my car, I got on the shuttle with a group of three charming runners: Lenna, Becky, and Russ, half-marathoners from Ohio. They were so freaking cute. They told me that I looked like Ann Hathaway and that they had commented on that when I crossed the finish line - at that point they had been spectating. We chatted about running the whole ride, then when we got to the parking lot drop off they told me that they were about to drive to New Orleans to enjoy the rest of their visit from Ohio. Of course I offered a list of my favorite restaurants, and I left my cell in case anything came up. We parted cheerily and I hoped to see them again on another course!

Well, the whole drive back into New Orleans I was thinking about the restaurant I had put as #1 on the list: Luke on St Charles. I love that place and I was starving. Imagine my pleased surprise when I walked into the house and David announced, "I made reservations tonight at Luke"! Great minds think alike.

Luke did not disappoint. I was famished and was polishing off sour dough bread like it was my job when my phone buzzed. It was a text from Russ: "Thank you for your suggestion, we are enjoying a fabulous meal at Luke". I laughingly texted back, "So am I!" Turns out that they were seated in the back room and we were in the front. I went to the back to say hi, and before we left David and I went back in to say farewell...and then had a plate of oysters sent back to them. I figured they didn't get many oysters in Ohio!
Such a fun coincidence, and such nice people. I really hope to run into this trio again at a race some day!

Have you ever made running friends at a race?


  1. Love this! Yep, I've met friends at races before and love the whole group that surrounds the running community!

  2. That's a great story! I don't really make friends at races b/c I am usually traveling with a pack of friends from home!

  3. Great story bro, tell it again. Ha, actually that was a good story, we just say that to each other around our house. It made me hungry for bread and oysters. Not an Ann Hathaway fan - you're a much cuter young lady than she is. I've made a few friends on the ol' marathon circuit. I met Bobby in Myrtle Beach and we've ran a couple races together since then.

  4. i'm glad they took you up on the offer! i always like making new friends - no matter how/where. the more random story the better!