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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Random things of interest

1. This. I love and adore that we cannot break the brave Brits code all these years later. Britain, you rock for saving the free world back in the '40s. In case I forgot to thank you earlier.
2. My little brother Joey is back in the USA! He was in Afghanistan for 9 months. He'll get some leave near Christmas. So glad he's home safe!
3. I'm seriously off running because I'm seriously injured. I ran the Turkey Day Race (poorly) as planned. Racing on one limping leg caused an imbalance that, I believe, strained my other hamstring. And now I can't even walk without pain. I feel a million years old. No more running for me. Catch you in late 2013, races.
4. Buying a pre-lit tree is a terrible idea. Once large sections of lights start dying you have to get all up in there with wire cutters and remove all 500 of them.

5. I love Christmas, but I hate the temporary mess. Dear boxes: please go mail yourselves. Dear ornaments: please go climb the tree and nestle amongst branches. Try to space yourselves out a little.
6. Football this year is giving me stomach ulcers.
7. I found a wine called Tisdale on sale for 3/$10 and it was actually good! So I drank three bottles.
8. I got my Ellimpic medal in the mail this week. It was awesome. Touch-screen gloves, knee socks, water bottle, fuel - great stuff. But no picture because I took it apart and wore/used/ate it already :) Thanks XLMIC!
9. I found some precious miniature pears at the grocery store last week. Popped into wine glasses they made a great mantle decoration!

10. My technician has jury duty and was selected for a jury. Lord help me. I can't function without her. I hope I tell her how awesome she is all the time, because she rocks. I was a pharmacy tech for 10 years before I was a pharmacist and I know it's a hard job - and I appreciate a good tech!


  1. Love the pears in the wine glasses--clever and something this uncrafty person would never think of!

    Sorry you are hurt again. Hopefully some rest and you'll be back before long.

    So cool on the code--had not seen that.

  2. You are so welcome! You are a champion!

    Be sure to do Jingle Bell Hell...just imagine what you might win!

    So sorry you are hurting :(

  3. Ugg, just lost my comment so I'll make this one shorter since I'm out of time. Sorry to hear about your injury. I know that "sorry" does no good really but I know what this means and I'm feeling for you. This combined with your tech being on jury duty sounds like an awful combo. :( thinking of you. Love your pears. Might have to check out that wine.

  4. 1. that. is. awesome. Can't wait to share.
    2. very happy for you & your family. No active duty in my immediate, little world. Always mindful of those who *are* in that situation.
    3. ugh, suck, dangit! I hope this is more temporary than you're imagining.
    5. Ditto. I'm antsy to get everything put BACK in its proper place, already.
    9. love the pear decor. Great use for pretty glasses, too!

  5. First, so glad that your brother is home safe and sound, especially at Christmas time.

    Ugh about the injury. Heal up already, would you? :)

  6. Hey! I really enjoy your blog (i look forward to reading about another great running season though:)
    I pulled my groin during marathon training last year - disaster. But I found a great way to recover - Bikram yoga.
    Stretching, strengthening, and injury cure/prevention. Also, for distance runners it's awesome. The class is long, hard, hot, and sweatty. Bikram yoga is cardio and endurance. It's restorative but feels hardcore.
    My arms are ripped from this yoga, I highly recommend it during your break from running!
    All the best!

    1. Thanks for the advice! I definitely need something to balance my body out!

  7. Thanks for always leaving encouraging comments on my blog - I finally got around to adding you to the favorites bar thing on the side. Sorry it took so long. Sorry about the injuries - but I'm pretty sure you could still smoke me even on one leg. Have you ever tried A.R.T. for your hamstrings - I think you wrote about it before, but I can't remember. Miniature pears - I don't even know what that means. As a man I my question would be why not just get gigantic glasses for regular sized pears?

  8. I just found a soft red wine called Oliver that tastes just like a more expensive one made at a local winery here. I love wine, and I love a bargain.

    That just SUCKS about your injury. And your tech.

  9. Well I am really sorry that you are hurt, but am looking forward to you having some time to post many delicious recipes and stuff! ;)

  10. I'm a new reader. So sorry about your injuries. That sounds awful.
    Just wanted to say that I recently discovered Tisdale too, and it is so good and sooo cheap. Love those new bargain wine finds!

  11. Fun post:) SO SAD to hear about your hamstring:(:( can't wait to see what you do next year when you are all healed and strong!!:) agree about the pre-lit tree, even though we have one and we wrestle with the lights every year!
    I really hope your hamstring heals up quickly!!

  12. i hope you won't really be out of racing til late 2013! you need to heal up pronto. i love christmas decor but at the same time it's kind of annoying to find somewhere to put the all year long stuff for the month.