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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Paris: Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris

We loved Notre Dame so much we made two trips: one to be obnoxious tourists, and one to attend mass and worship in a beautiful, calm, and solemn environment. We attended mass the morning of All Saints Day, so I think that gets my Catholic husband a gold star or something. Maybe his own planet.

Detail of external decoration

View from the back
Notre Dame was awe-inspiring: the sheer size was breath-taking; the worksmanship from so long ago truly unbelievable. I do suggest attending a mass - either a holiday or a Sunday so you get the real organ - but if you just go to sight-see, it is still free of charge.


  1. Awesome that you went to mass there, the cathedral does indeed look awesome. I was in Dublin a while back, and I should have gone to mass in St. Patrick's Cathedral =)

  2. We didn't have time to go in when my friend and I visited Paris. However, we did go to mass in St. Peter's Cathedral at the Vatican. That was pretty cool.

  3. I think my favorite part of Notre Dame, besides the view from the top, ceilings, and gargoyles, was the flying buttresses, seriously, how amazing they are.