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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Breaking in new shoes

I wore my last pair of shoes for over 1000 miles. I didn't realize how old they were until my knees got a little achy. That was my warning bell to grab a new pair. Last week I switched to my new Kinvaras.
Tell me those shoes on the right don't look like they have 1000 miles on them! I am so impressed by the quality of those shoes! And ignore the grayness. The dirt is all me. I ran along the streetcar tracks. 

Oh my gosh.
The difference was astonishing. I practically bounced in the air for the first few steps, there was so much more cushioning. My old shoes hadn't felt worn out until I tried the new ones!
I realized I needed to replace the old pair two days before the Ole Man River half-marathon, but I waited until after the race. Even though they were the same style, I didn't want to be breaking in shoes during a race.
How long does it take you to break in a new pair? A week? One long run? One ill-thought-out marathon?


  1. 1,000 miles! Wow! I am breaking out a new pair of shoes for the start of my marathon training cycle tonight. I've only put about 350 miles on my old pair so will still alternate them in here and there for shorter and easier runs but I ran longer in them last week and my knees/shins were achey which is a sure sign for me it's time for a new pair of shoes!

  2. ahhhh!! oh my gosh, u sure were in need of some new running shoes!! :P i get forgetful sometimes too, and that's usually when my body reminds me, so i try and be better about remember when i need to get some new ones.

    it takes me only a run or two to break them in. :)

  3. wow! and I am HAPPY when I get 500-600. thanks for the tip on my blog. (Do you know of any stores in New Orleans that carry the Karhas that you mentioned on my blog?

  4. I walk around in the house a couple of days in the shoes and then I go on a couple of 5-6 mile runs, if all goes well, I consider them ready for a long run. In my rotation of shoes, my newest pair (lowest mileage shoes) is used for racing and my long runs.

  5. Normally... a week of shorter runs.
    This past November, one ill-thought-out-half-marathon... which led to feet that looked like they went through a meat grinder. (Oh well. Blisters heal eventually!)

  6. I'm the same way...I never think I need new shoes until I put new ones on. I'm in the process of switching to a minimalist shoe, but I'm taking it slow and only wearing them for 1 run a week.

  7. I think it has to do with the shoes - unless they are really stiff, I find most shoes good out of the box. Trail shoes seem to take the longest.

  8. Wow. 1000 miles! I can start to feel issues around 350-400 and usually it feels like I have sore hips. You must be a very efficient runner!

    So glad you got a new pair! They look great too.

    I will wear a pair for one run before I race in them. A marathon, I would want it to be a long run.

  9. Wow yea 1000 miles is a ton! You might want to check with the shoe store guys (or someone knowledgeable) for how long those shoes should last. Maybe they should last 1000 miles but I'm not sure. I know Newtons should last around the number I think. I usually replace mine every 350-400 like Raina does.

  10. I don't know how many miles I get per pair! I usually overlap a little and it takes me a week or two to break in my new shoes.