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Thursday, September 1, 2011

We have acquired smog.

It's actually a marsh fire. It's so strange living in the city, yet being so close to big pieces of nature (like huge marshes, wide rivers, alligator-inhabited swamps, and Chalmations....haha, local humor).
This week a water-locked area of marsh was struck by lightening and caught fire, making downtown New Orleans look like Mexico City.
Downtown New Orleans at 9:00 am

View from my parking garage

And because New Orleans love drama and just about everyone who lives here is a hypochondriac, my work day was filled with scores of people wearing masks inside closed buildings. 
I love it.


  1. New Orleans - where water catches on fire...

  2. I work in the Freeport Bldg and it was just delightful a few days back. Just lovely.

  3. i've never been to NO (i think). i definitely didn't imagine tall buildings! haha.

    hopefully TS12 will put out the fire, without causing flooding/water problems.

  4. We smelled the burning marsh out in Houma as well. It was strong in Houma so I can only imagine how bad it was out there!