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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tropical Storm Lee

It brought rain.
I know it was overcast and rainy. My eyes are sun-sensitive.

Strong winds.
Down the block from us.

This is such a hysterical picture on the cover of the Times Picayune. I mean, what is going on here? A disabled man with his pants down is choking on a phone while drowning? Shouldn't there be a caption like, "After this photo was taken, TP reporter pulled wheelchair bound man to safety from flood"???                                                                                                       

Broken umbrellas.
One of many casualties.

But it also brought forced relaxation. That's why we call it a "hurrication" and I must say they are much more enjoyable when you don't lose power. During Gustav the hubby and I enjoyed a few days together playing cards and eating Chex mix, but it was nicer this time around with lights, A/C, and Thai food!


  1. Lots of rain, floods, and power outages here too! Although the forced day in due to rain was nice.

  2. i laughed out loud when i saw the front page of the TP - what on earth?? *sigh*

  3. Excellent photo journalism! I missed the whole storm in my own whirlwind weekend flying from one corner of the country, to another, to another! By the time I landed, the only remnants of Lee were a yard full of tree limbs and AMAZING cool weather. Where did this come from? When I left it was 95 and muggy. Now it's GORGEOUS outside!

  4. Hilarious front page with your bonus caption. So glad I found this funny blog!!

  5. I'm now curious as to the status update of that man. Glad Lee didn't bring anything too severe.

  6. Glad you guys didn't have any direct damage - but wow! (Oh my gosh and the picture of that guy is crazy - I really hope that reporter/photographer helped him!)

  7. The weather was far worse the Sunday than the Saturday in Lafourche Parish. We had a lot of sunshine on the Saturday. Sunday was ran ALL DAY LONG.