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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day off and lovely weather!

I'm off work today (but really I have about 100 things to do with our new program, including answering ten really, really silly emails that should have an obvious answer....c'mon people!) and for once the weather is gorgeous!

After I clean my house top to bottom and make banana muffins to freeze for work snacks, I will be enjoying a lovely run (maybe a long one). Then I will revel in some free time. I think I'll sit out in my back yard...
My landlord's rusty shed is so quaint.
I didn't plant the flowers. If I had they'd be SO dead already.

And enjoy my pansies and azaleas while I read this:
This stupid book cost me $35!

It's the Commission E monographs, the only source of evidence-based herbal medicine. I like to keep up on my herbs so I can answer patient questions without sounding silly.

Speaking of silly, this conversation took place yesterday:
Lady in the funny hat, handing me a bottle of Maalox anti-gas extra strength: "I took this for diarrhea, is that going to be a problem?"
Me: "Well, that product mainly treats gas and heart-burn. It won't help your diarrhea."
Lady in the funny hat: "I know, I read the bottle after I bought it and took some. But you know, I thought it was for diarrhea because it's blue."
Me: ??? (quizzical face)
Lady in the funny hat: "You know, I always think of blue bottles as being for diarrhea and yellow bottles as being for gas. I mean, don't you associate colors with things? I would never think a blue bottle would treat gas! I mean, blue is a cool color!"
Me: !!! (distressed face)
Me (recovering): "You know, it's probably best to read the package label instead of going by color, since some company change packaging fairly often. For now, let's talk about your symptoms and other health conditions and then we can choose a product that will help relieve your diarrhea."
Lady in the funny hat: "Mmmmmm. Well, you know, to me it's just kind of all mental, do you know what I mean? So I think I'll just stick with the blue bottle. Ok?"
Me: "Um, Immodium comes in a kind of aqua box, is that close enough to blue?"
My job is awesome. 

Help me decide what to put in my banana muffins:
1. Chopped cashews
2. Chocolate chips
3. Dried Bing cherries soaked in brandy (don't judge, it will bake out)
4. Orange peel
5. Coconut milk
6. Turkey pepperoni (it's just hanging out in my fridge looking lonely)


  1. Banana chocolate chip muffins are basically the most amazing creation in the history of the world. Truth.

    Enjoy your day off!

  2. How about bananas? That wasn't on the list. Maybe she is illiterate? Or just crazy.

  3. Do you have any bacon?! If not, I'd go with chocolate chips.

  4. OMG, that conversation with your patient? Hilarious! Wow. How did you keep a straight face? :)

    I say chocolate chips because I adore choc chips.

    I hope you had a great day off!

  5. I'd put the cherries or cashews in the muffins. That lady sounds totally loco. Like really lady, you're going to risk your health on going by the color of a freaking bottle rather than what the product actually DOES?! Interesting.

  6. i'm late but i hope you put chocolate chips. i use some less-than-amazing judgment methods but not quite as bad as this woman! omg!! haha. so does that book talk about studies/uses for herbs?

    we did plant plants... they died. fail. no babies for us.

  7. Ha! This conversation is great! I bet you never have a dull day with your job! I don't know what to say about the muffins. I don't bake and I wont be much help but thanks for sharing the conversation. Loved it!