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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ever have a great run?

Maybe it's because my cold is finally going away. Maybe it was the cold, dry air. Maybe it was the pretty park views in the sunrise. Perhaps it was the shoes - I wore my Karhu "fast" shoes instead of my heavier Saucony's. Either way, everything clicked on today's run. 
I did over ten miles at 7:30 pace and feel great! It took me awhile to warm up but once I did I picked up my pace and ran around 7:25 for the last five miles. Hopefully I can run a similar pace for the first half of Sunday's 30k. After that I can just slow down and muddle through. I never did figure out how to do negative splits...
Happy hump day! Have a great one!


  1. Awesome run! Good luck on your 30K.

  2. Nice work on the run, speedy! Hope the 30K goes well.

  3. THOSE runs are WHY I run :) Love the ones that just click!

  4. I love when that happens!!! it's the best!!!


  5. Dude, you rock! My fastest is only about 8:30.