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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New York Vacation

On our New York trip we did all the tourist things. This is because my husband has done all the NON-tourist things many times when a close friend lived in NYC and he used to visit all the time. This was before I entered the picture and began making all his choices for him.
We kicked the trip off with a Circle Line ferry tour, which was beautiful. I recommend a 4 pm tour if you go, so you can see the city in daylight, sunset, and night - three for the price of one!

After our brief Philly detour, we returned to NYC for several more days. We had purchased City Passes, so we were on a tight museum-seeing schedule. We were across the block from the Museum of Modern Art. One-sentence review: I hope you like Picasso. Our trip also took us to the Guggenheim (One-sentence review: If you don't want your walls and floors to crack, consider more angles in your building construction) and the Metropolitan Museum of Art (One-sentence review: Go ahead and buy a year's membership and just sleep in the lobby if you want to have time to adequately appreciate the art).
The Metroplitan Museum of Art - at night
We went to the American Museum of Natural History briefly. One sentence review: I've been to small-town science fairs with better exhibits and fewer grammatical errors in the informative placards. I honestly could not believe the lack of quality and interesting displays, and I think I was actually less-informed when I left. Don't waste your money here. You'd do better to buy a train ticket to DC and go to the Smithsonian for free.

Of course we did the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. I realized while I was there that I always associate Lady Liberty with immigrants embarking on a new life, but that perception does not accurately reflect the meaning behind the statue. It was originally meant to celebrate the liberty we have in this country (really more in a military sense), but thanks to its location it became a symbol to the thousands who entered the USA by Ellis Island.
Central Park was lovely and we got a run in and a few walks.
And we braved frigid temperatures at the top of the Empire State Building one night.
I indulged my addiction to libraries and visited the famous lions. What a beautiful library this is!
Best of all I got to see autumn again! I've missed having four seasons!
Later, I'll review the City Passes we bought for our trip.


  1. Wow sounds like you have gotten A LOT in! I really need to do the touristy thing in NYC. I've only gone for short trips and run a marathon around the city. ;-)

    I may have more friends moving there soon.... so I'll have yet another reason to go! My brother already lives there and I still have yet to see his apartment!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Great photos - love the one with the fall leaves!

  3. What a beautiful trip.
    That one with all the amazing yellow leaves ---- my favorite!!

  4. Looove the pics! I didn't get to make it to the empire state building or the statue of liberty. I'll have to go back.

  5. Great pictures! Looks like an amazing trip, somewhere I definitely want to visit one day :)

  6. You are awesome. Great one sentence reviews. You cracked me up with the "before I entered the picture and started making all of the choices for him".

  7. Wow you did so much! I love your one sentence review! Great pictures!

  8. Yay for Autumn! And New York! It looks you guys had a great time!