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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Orleans Politics

You know you live in New Orleans when...
- The fact that there are two - count them, TWO - Republicans on the ballot is cause for shock, outrage, protest, and a beer.
- Your husband prompts you to vote early because "This is a really important election because I grew up with that judge and we have to vote for her."
- "Vote early, vote often" is a rule to live by, and nobody is being sarcastic.
- If your name's not French or vaguely Spanish you might as well just hang it up.
- Your dog is a registered voter.
- Your candidate for city council takes his kids to Cooter Brown's to watch the game.
- A woman is voting topless because they took her Obama shirt away.
- There are ten amendments to the state constitution on the ballot. Crazy civil law.
- The ladies at your polling station recognize you and motion you over to their table.
- You're unsure about your voting precinct, but you sure as hell know your ward!!
- There aren't any registered Republicans anywhere because only Democrats and independents can vote in the primaries. Because there are only Democrat primaries. Because there are only Democratic politicians.
- A customer at work fervently presses your hand and tells you to send Bush home. This happened today.
- Someone is "helpfully" showing illiterate adults how to vote using a sample ballot just blocks from the polling sight.
- Your neighbor has a suspicious number of "I voted" stickers on his lapel.
- At least a dozen people wrote Drew Brees in.

Got to love it. Now, like the rest of the city, I'm watching results with a glass of something strong ;)

I hope you voted IF YOU RESEARCHED AND UNDERSTOOD THE ISSUES. And if you didn't, I hope you prudently stayed home.
Did you vote? Were there any particularly important issues for you this year?


  1. I voted!
    I agree, the number of constitutional amendments was kind of crazy. And the wording was pretty dense as well- like the author was in a "who can make the longest sentence using only words with 10 or more letters" contest. Haha!

  2. I'm Canadian so NOPE I didn't vote today :D

    Been interesting following everyone else on Twitter and Facebook that did, though!

  3. I voted several days ago. Weird that there are only Democrats around New Orleans. Maybe I should move there and run for office. Get some balance.

    Send Bush home comment?! Hopefully she didn't go vote. Hello!

  4. Well maybe New Orleans is making up for the rest of the state. ;-) (Although Bush lady needs a smack in the head)
    Meanwhile.... NH is full of people that expect a miracle over night, if not they go the other way.... one day democrats, next day republicans apparently. Just my thought....
    But yes I voted, no individual issues on the ballot, just filling the usual positions.

  5. you got to love New Orleans, Baton Rouge is a bit different:) now i am in NH and we just had people to vote for, pretty easy!

  6. Yep, I got up early yesterday so I could vote before work. I was mostly concerned about the governor race, but it's still undecided and they will likely have to do a recount.

    Very interesting that you live in a democrat-dominated area... I feel like that in MN sometimes, but it's not nearly as democratically influenced...

  7. i voted of course and stayed up till 1:30am like a fool to watch the results.

    aka... termite dishrag. :(