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Sunday, February 21, 2010

A run on a beautiful day!

After 2 weeks of being sick and months of highly unusual cold weather in New Orleans, the stars aligned and I got in a gorgeous 10.5 miler Saturday morning. Look at this weather. Be jealous, cold weather readers! What a day to be outside!

And I got plenty of "outside" Saturday, too. For one thing, there was the run. I was hesitant to try running with my lingering cold and wretched cough, but it was so lovely out I couldn't say no. My run took my down Magazine street, Napoleon Avenue, and St. Charles, plus a few loops in Audubon Park. The picture above, however, was actually taken during the afternoon in the French Quarter. I was downtown early in the afternoon for high tea at the Windsor Court, a thank-you tea hosted by my sister in law. She was treated some of us to tea who had helped her out during her performance of My Fair Lady last summer. She was Eliza Doolittle and I, since I sew, was her costumer! Isn't a thank-tea a charming idea?
Anyway, the picture was taken after the tea, when I met the hubby for the Aints funeral. Yeah...we had a Jazz funeral for the Aints paper bags. The paper bag tradition started during a 1-15 season for the Saints when fans started wearing paper bags over their heads, they were so embarressed to be fans. Now, after the Superbowl win, we had to bury those bags. Obviously. Or it was just a chance to drink in the streets now that Mardi Gras is over. You decide.

Either way, it was a beautiful - dare I say it? - Spring day and we enjoyed it the fullest!
Today there's a thunderstorm outside so I'm going to huddle in front of an Olympic hockey game and eat Oreos. Or I might have wine. Or both. What's a good pairing for Oreos?

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  1. Oh my rub it in...... Looks like a fabulous weekend!!! I gotta get back to NOLA sometime soon. So jealous of your run in my old 'hood.

    Also LOVE tea at the Windsor Court, we went there when we were down for my Bachelorette weekend.

    If you are going traditional with the Oreos, you need milk. But they are chocolatey so wine not do red wine.