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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Victory! Take that, NOPD!

Did I ever tall you about the ticket I got for OBEYING traffic laws? Yeah. Only in New Orleans.
I was driving home - from Bible study, no less!!- when I happened upon an intersection with a flashing yellow light. Now perhaps you have such intersections in your own city - during the day, they are functional stoplights. At night, however, the main road switches to flashing yellow and the side streets become flashing red.

Flashing red = stop sign.
Flashing yellow = slow down, proceed with caution.

Am I right? Yes, I am right. Despite this obvious fact, I slowly cruised through the yellow and got pulled over and ticketed for failure to yield! I gently explained to the officer (and I am going to go ahead and be mean here. There were two officers and they were both obese, rude, and not very bright. Seriously, this is our protection from crime?! And we wonder why the murder rate is so high. I wouldn't be scared either!)... anyway, I explained that the light was flashing yellow and in driver's ed I learned that flashing yellow meant to proceed with caution. He snapped back, "Yeah, well, in cop ed we learned it means come to a complete stop!".

So I had to go to court and guess what? Of course they threw the ticket out! So there, mean and ill-informed police officers! I think you need to go back and take a refresher course since it's your job to know the traffic laws!
And by the way I no longer blindly trust NOPD. I think they just might be corrupt like everyone says.


  1. Welcome to the present day, dear. NOPD officers make the laws, on the spot, in the moment. They count on people not being able to take the time to fight the case in court. It's for the greater good, something they call "revenue".

  2. cops dont know anything except make tickets. tickets=job security. it doesnt even matter if its for real. my husband got a drunken in public for leaving the bar at 2 in the morning. everyone there walked out to a dozen cops and 6 cop cars waiting to nab people up. the best part? my husband was the sober driver and only drank soda all night. they refused to sobriety test him. just threw him in the tank for the night. awesome stuff.

  3. Did I also mention that traffic court misspelled my name?
    And that the officers did not know how to turn a ticket in, and so filed it as an incident report (that would be appropriate if this were a car accident).
    I think we need a leeetle more training time for the police!

  4. And Anonymous, that is so sad, your husband got a ticket after sacrificing his own fun for others!