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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

World's cheapest graduation outfit!

I am GRADUATING in just a few days, and to celebrate we're having a party at the dear in-laws' beach house. The theme is sort of Southern summer" - seersucker, mint juleps, etc. I decided that a great outfit would be a strapless white linen dress that I could use again at White Linen Night (a New Orleans event - check it out at, with bright shoes.
Guess what? Nobody is selling white linen dresses right now except GAP, and that dress fit me all weird. The solution? Why, my old friend Sal...Salvation Army, that is!!!!
I headed to the S.A. superstore, walked up to tjhe dress rack, and nabbed a lovely white number by EXPRESS. The price is the best part - it was $4.99!
Now for the shoes. Would you believe Payless had precious turquois peeptoe wedges on sale for $16? They did!
Of course you are probably dying for a pic and I will supply one when I have the final item -a luscious mother of pearl necklace I am designing in my head right now. It will be quite beachy.
Woo hoo for cheap clothes!
Woo hoo for graduation!

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