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Friday, April 3, 2009

how did i do???

Well, officially I finished...

17th in the Ochsner run!!!!

But guess what? I actually did BETTER than that - I just didn't realize you had to grab your finishing tickets in order. Even though you wrote your time down on them, for ranking the officials just used the number on the ticket. Naturally I stopped to chat with someone after finishing the race and let 5-6 people pass me and pick up timing tickets before I grabbed mine. So silly of me. So I don't really know my rank, but I'm sort of happy with 17th anyway. It's in the top 20, and it's a cute little number. What if I finished twelfth or something? That's so hard to say - so many consonants right next to each other. TweLFTH. Doesn't roll off the tongue at all, you know. In fact it sounds like you inhaled a fly and are trying to expel it. Yeah, I'll stick with 17th.