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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Training log - pausing

 Everything is on pause right now as far as training goes. There are three reasons for this: 

1. My hamstring still isn't 100%. It is fine for moderate to easy pace, but even just tempo pace hurt. I am actually taking time totally off right now to speed healing. 

2. And I need my hamstring to be much better because I am signed up for The Speed Project in early September! More to come, but it's a 31 hour relay and clearly I can't be limping for 31 hours (at our projected pace, we'll run an average of 26.2 miles each on my team...although as the slowest member, I will probably run less). 

3. And lastly, my symptoms from the uterine mass have simply gotten too severe to run. This is the worst it has ever been, so unless I can find a way to temporarily improve them before I have my procedure, all training and racing is in jeopardy. 

Meanwhile, here is how last week went: 

Monday: Easy run, but skipped strides to protect hamstring. 7.2 miles.

Tuesday: I was feeling good enough that I thought I could do the workout, which was 10x500. The very first rep warned me not to! I opted for an easy run instead, talking with Jonathon about the ultra he had just run over the weekend; it was good to hear an actual race report! I'd started the day with an easy 3 with the baby, so I got 10.25 miles for the day. 

Wednesday: Hamstring felt fine; 7 easy. 

Thursday: Still felt fine. 6.65 easy. Baby slept in ;-)

Friday: Cheerfully headed out for an easy 3x3 minutes at tempo pace, but re-pulled my hamstring in the first rep. I was very annoyed. It was just as bad as the initial pull. What a setback! I hobbled home with just 3.77 miles. 

Saturday: I took the stroller for 6 easy miles, but I could feel the old hammy. 

Sunday: We had guests, so I didn't want to leave for the long run, plus my hamstring was still hurting. I tried five easy and even that hurt, so I shut it down. I haven't run since then. 

About 45 miles last week. Probably too close to the mile time trial to salvage it, but maybe time off will heal me up! 


  1. Ugh - I am very sorry you are dealing with this (both the hamstring and the uterine mass). That's certainly a lot.

  2. I hope you can have your procedure soon so you can get back to feeling well and back to running!

  3. It's really frustrating that the pain from the mass has come back in full force. And I hope that the rest will help your hamstring so that you will be good to go for that mile race.