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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Marathon training, weeks 11 and 12

Oops, forgot last week! 
Week 11:
Monday: Easy 6.
Tuesday: A terrible tempo on the bridges. Supposed to be 3, 2, and 1 miles at tempo with 2 minute jog rest; after a tempo Friday, a race Saturday, a long run with workout Sunday, and finally easy miles Monday - I was too exhausted for tempo pace. I ran between HMP and MP. Almost 12 miles with warm up and cool down.
Wednesday: 5 easy.
Thursday: Ten miles plus strides - easy paced. 
Friday: Hallelujah! Temperatures IN THE 60's, AMAZING. Supposed to be a ten mile aerobic run with 2 minute surges at the start of each mile, starting with mile 2, but we all ran them way too fast, enjoying the cool weather. My average pace for the workout portion was about 6:48, which made me wonder if my marathon pace goal wasn't too extreme after all?
Saturday: Silly me, I dragged my tired legs out into the suddenly-hot-and-humid-again weather and attempted a 5k. I was second overall and first female, but the course was way short.18:39 - on pace for slim PR if the course had been long enough.
Sunday: Right after a race, a tough long run: twenty miles. Ten warm up, 2x4 miles at MP with 1 mile aerobic pace between. (6:49, :56, :56, :54) and (6:51, :57, :49, :54). I was happy with the run, but totally exhausted the rest of the day!

70.2 miles this week. Not good. I am quite wary of the 70 MPW barrier; I broke it once before and simultaneously broke my foot!

Week 12:
Monday: Off. I've been alternating off/easy on Mondays.
Tuesday: An easy workout 16x400m with 1 minute standing rest. Pace 5k or faster. About 8.5 miles total for the night.
Wednesday: 5 easy.
Thursday: Twelve miles in gorgeous weather! Down below 70 again! Easy.
Friday: It warmed up some, but I had a good run anyway, that included a 6-mile tempo: 6:36, :36, :46, :21, :34, :35. 
Saturday: How about this novel idea: NO RACE between a hard Friday and a hard Sunday? Five easy in gross, humid, hot weather.

Sunday: Sixteen miles: five easy, ten at marathon pace, one cool down. Ok. Someone had the bright idea to do this up on the levee as a cold front moved in. WIND. We had 3 miles crosswind (6:51, :54, :44), 2 miles tailwind (6:42, :41), 2 miles headwind (LOL what happened, 7:11, :12, insane), 3 miles crosswind (6:58, :48, :39). Overall happy with those paces, conditions considered, especially the last mile. 

61 miles for the week.

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