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Monday, October 29, 2018

Marathon training, week 13

Monday: Easy 5 + strides
Tuesday: K's: Ten x 1000m at 10k pace with 400 jog. 3:56, :55, :54, :56, :53, :55, :54, :54, :55, :49. Strides to start. This was ...ok. A little off-pace, but at least I had a group to run with, so I let that slide. This whole marathon cycle I've been on my own, so I'll take any company I can get! 
Wednesday: 5 easy.
Thursday: Supposed to be ten miles at aerobic pace with 1-min surges at the start of each of the last 5 miles, but it was pouring rain and pitch black, and it was all I could do not to fall flat on my face in a pothole. I did throw the surges in once I got off St. Charles and into the much safer park, but settled for easy pace otherwise. Ten at 7:48 pace. 
Friday: 9 miles conversational pace - about 7:44, fastish, but it was cool out.
Saturday: Jazz half. With a warm-up and cool-down, 19 miles. 
Sunday: Supposed to be an hour easy; the group went for the Bayou loop, so I ended up with almost ten, but we kept the pace pretty slow, so hopefully that didn't do much damage. 
Weekly mileage: 71.5

A good week: a PR, high mileage, workouts that felt easy.

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  1. I’m behind on blog commenting so will combine my comments for your last 2 Marathon training posts. You seem to have hit your stride lately! I bet cooler weather really really helps. Feeling good after a 70+ mileage week is huge! Way to go. I predict a strong marathon for you. Hopefully you stay healthy!!!!