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Saturday, December 23, 2017

A British Christmas

Apparently, I've started a tradition of travel-related Christmas gifts. Last year, when we went to China on vacation, we used fortune cookies as "bubble wrap" in our gift boxes, and our Christmas card imitated Chinese paper cutting. This year, our gift boxes are all things British!
Packing the boxes

We always send far-away friends and family boxes of edibles every year. This year, we stocked up on typically-British treats while in London. I added two different types of homemade fruitcake (although I didn't include traditional boiled English fruitcake, just because I like my own recipe so much more; I considered it, though, since it would have been much more appropriate!).

Our boxes contained:
- Jaffa cakes
- Scottish shortbread
- Prawn crisps
- Branston pickle
- Tea
- Several Cadbury chocolate boxes or bags

The Christmas card is supposed to evoke London streets, more or less...I was pressed for time, so it's not my best, but I think the card itself came out really well this year. Last year the printing quality was really poor, so I am much more pleased with this year's card.
The painting
The finished card
 Painting our Christmas card is actually one of my favorite Christmas activities, which is why we'll probably never drop the Christmas card tradition!


  1. What a fun tradition! And I'll reiterate my IG're so creative! My Christmas card drawing would be a poorly proportioned stick family, so I'm really in awe of you.

  2. I'm so impressed that you painted your Christmas card!! You are so talented! I love your themed gift!