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Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 races

I put up a page of my 2017 races, and, fittingly, there are 17 of them. It's the most I've raced in years, and one of my fastest years, too.

I started running with the Power Miler Track Club this year, which made a huge difference. Initially, I may have slowed down, as the new, heavy workout load exhausted me. But by the summer, I was seeing results, and they continued through most of the race-heavy fall.

By the numbers:

17 - races I ran; 18 if you count the Greek Fest as two events (I ran the mile race as a warm up)
9 - placement in top three women
7 - bib number at Bar-a-thon, which basically qualifies me as an elite beer drinker
6 - place at RnR New Orleans marathon, my highest placement in this race ever, although not my fastest time
5 - years since I'd PR'd when I PR'd at Blue Doo in October
4 - PRs: the two mile, the half marathon, the ten mile, and the five mile
4 - 5ks, mostly disappointing
4 - Number of times I've been second in my age group at RnR New Orleans, including this year once again!
3 - 10ks, all of which were not very fast
2 - marathons, neither a PR
2 - overall female wins (10k and 2 mile races)
2 - months with zero races (August and September)
2 - months with three races (April and November, my two busiest race months)
1 - race after July of this year that was not a PR

How was your running year?


  1. My running year kinda sucked, but that's how it goes when you have injuries, then get into a groove but summer comes, then hurricanes come, then you get into another groove and get hurt again. Gotta say I have major respect for anyone who manages to race consistently year round in the south! You did a really great job this year, it sucks you're ending it on a low note in the boot, but all the fitness you built doesn't just go away in a few weeks either. You will have a very strong 2018 when you can train and race again.

  2. You had quite the year! I hate that it ended on the sour note of being injured but you accomplished a lot in the months that you were healthy. I hope that you heal fast so you can get back to doing what you do!

  3. You had an amazing year of running. I've enjoyed reading all the recaps of these races and seeing you get way faster with the Power Milers. I think you'll have an amazing 2018 too.