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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Ten mile race this Saturday

I registered for Middendorf's ten mile race on Saturday, then promptly pulled my hamstring. I was running with a lady who's a lovely 6'2", and trying to match her stride (unintentionally) was a bad idea.
It's not terrible. I iced it, taped it, and have run on it since then, but it's annoying. I plan to try to run a little over 7 minute pace for the race. I want to be under 7 minutes, but since my running fell by the wayside post-marathon, that won't happen.
Hopefully my hamstring will behave, and hopefully the lovely weather (in the 60's!) will continue!


  1. I registered for a race on Halloween night, then on Saturday messed up my knee running the bridge twice (it is a hilly race in another region of SC so I wanted to do a training run on an inclined surface). Why do these things happen to us?

    I hope things will go well at your race. At least you have good weather!

  2. I hope your hamstring heels quickly and doesn't bother you during the race. And yea for cooler temps! It's been unseasonably warm here - many days in the 60s which is crazy for us as it could be snowing by now! I am loving the weather we've been having!

  3. Good Luck Gracie! I don't think your running fell by the wayside. You needed to recover from your fast marathon! Hope your hamstring doesn't bother you.