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Monday, June 27, 2016

That's a wrap, again

Suddenly, semester #2 is done, and I'm four classes into my MBA. That went fast! The two classes I took this session were employment law and managerial use of accounting data. I was totally into employment law, and accounting Accounting is fine. I know I need it. I know how to use it. It just doesn't excite me (however, people who can't balance their books fill me with cold horror alternating with hot rage).
Both classes were very easy this time. Almost all of employment law was either doing cases from the text or applying learning to recent cases in the news, both of which allowed a lot of creativity and leeway. I have always liked law (I also love rules!) and the course was interesting, especially finding recent news stories that I could apply class topics to. The only drawback was that the textbook was outdated (even though it was just two years old: it's been an eventful past two years in employment law, however!) and our professor did nothing to update the course. For example, one chapter discussed sexual discrimination under Title VII and stated that sexual orientation was not protected unless the harassment could be interpreted as sexual discrimination, i.e., related to gender stereotypes. This would be the case if a lesbian worker was harassed at work because she did not wear feminine clothing, for example. However, last year the EEOC specifically stated that it would pursue sexual orientation claims under Title VII, and several cases are currently pending. That's a kind of huge development to omit!
Managerial use of accounting data was just easy, no two ways about it. It was, therefore, a snooze-fest. I learned exactly zero new things. Oh well, easy A. I needed ELEVEN POINTS on the final to KEEP AN A.
Meanwhile, back on the GI front, I've added two more items to my tiny vitamin arsenal:
And things are starting to improve. Thank goodness. I'm really ready to feel better!


  1. I'm glad things are improving and grad school is over for awhile! Stinks that the professor wasn't even up to date in his own subject, though (I can see how the textbook was outdated because law does change a lot).

    Here's to hoping you can stay healthy and get back into training soon.

  2. That is too bad that the professor didn't do anything to update the content for the course - or at least touch on some changes that have occurred. Congrats on having 2 semesters under your belt! Managerial accounting was one of my least favorite classes that I took in my MBA program. It was such a snooze fest.

    Here's hoping those additions to your arsenal help!

    1. The worst part is that I've actually already taken accounting twice!