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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Very super sick

I'm not at all well. This is some really strange version of the flu, with a lot of chest congestion, an inflamed throat, weakness, and light sensitivity. I can't even have the lights on in the house, which was fine, since we lost power Sunday morning. I had not been planning to go to church sick, but I went and sat in the back rather than swelter without A/C at home (summer's finally here - it was 90F).
I got this way worse than David had it, I think just because I'm under some stress right now. We're having guests next weekend, so I am trying to get ahead on schoolwork, but I am also attending a three-day work conference from 7 am to whatever time at night (dinner events the whole time) and I won't even have time for current schoolwork. And no assignments are posted early or open for viewing before they can be submitted in my program, so you can't really work ahead. Add to that the fact that I'm down a pharmacist - who basically just left without permission following a suspension for a license renewal violation - and I've just got a lot on my plate.

BUT! When I am not overwhelmed and sick, I will be reviewing some new shoe options. Yes, I am trying new shoes, even though I promised myself to stick to a shoe I know works. But I'm a cheapskate, and my last kinvaras started to hurt my knees just 400 miles in. That I cannot handle! Just 400! So I'm looking for more cost-effective options and I bought two pairs of New Balance. They come in wide! So exciting!

As you can see, not much is going on here. I'm excited about wide shoes.


  1. I wear the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante and they've been great... not sure what you bought but mine are similar to Kinvara and the last pair lasted 500 miles :). I love them and run all my races in them too.

    1. That's what I ended up keeping! And I wanted something close to the Kinvara, so that's good news.

  2. That sounds miserable. Get well soon.

  3. Yeah your schedule sounds pretty insane right now. I kinda went through a similar stretch when my folks decided to come for a quick visit, without giving me much notice. I had to juggle work, homework, outlines for mid term papers, family time etc. Then when all of that stuff was starting to calm down, I hurt my back...the only positive was that it gave me extra time in the mornings to read my notes and brainstorm. I will say that the last three months have gone by really fast which means we are a 1/4 of the way there!! Get well soon. I'm sure school stress may have been a factor in your cold. I'm lucky with my program they post all of the links to the readings and assignments early on in the semester.

  4. Ugh. Get well soon! I have a pair of those (New Balance Fresh Foam Zante - they had rave reviews and seem to be quite the crowd-pleaser). My ultimate shoe goal is to find shoes that I basically don't notice I'm wearing.

  5. Hope you're super-flu passes quickly, sounds like you really don't have time to be sick right now.

  6. Oh my gosh, your plate is so full it could fill up a table. And the no a/c on top of that..,I imagine it's awful. Ours isn't working, and it's been moderately uncomfortable at times...and our highs aren't near your temps yet. Hope you're feeling better by now or if not, very soon!

  7. Yikes, your plate is so full right now. I hope things normalize soon as I am sure that stress is not helping when you are sick! I hope you are back to 100% soon and get a chance to get lots of sleep!!!!