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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

So much better at distance

I'm so much better at distance than speed. It's pathetic.
Saturday was a beautiful clear, cool, dry morning, and my run felt fantastic from the first step. Miles one through three were in the 7-teens, but then the numbers started drifted down. I included 25 levee hill repeats, as usual (I often do 20 or more levee repeats within my long runs), but by the time I got home, I had 15 miles at 7:06. That's way faster than I've run in ... years! I was taking my typical breaks, but it still felt fast and easy and I was pleased.

We also went to a wedding on Saturday, with the most beautiful outdoor-wedding-weather ever. And took a selfie.
 At said wedding, I realized that I was sore, as I staggered around in grass in heels - it just wasn't super easy to walk! - but I gave myself plenty of time to recover. I did an easy run on Sunday and took Monday off as always.

But track on Tuesday? Yeesh. That was rough. We did three sets of 500m at mile pace, 100m walk, with a 400 jog between each set. I struggled to keep it at or under 1:50 and felt overheated the whole time. Was it the weather, which was much warmer than Saturday? Maybe, but more likely I just don't do speed well. Give me distance any day!


  1. Nice work on your long run. You are so fast!! I prefer long runs to speed work, too. I just was not built for speed I guess. That is a great picture of you two at the wedding. I love your dress!

  2. Tuesday was rough. When I left my house at 5:25 am, it was 71 degrees and 90% humidity. Even my shoes were soaked when I got back from track. It's too hard to run super fast in this kind of weather. Your long run mile splits are super impressive though. Wow! 7:06 pace? How do you do it??

    You two are such a great-looking couple!

  3. You look lovely in the wedding pic! Nice job on the smokin' long run. Unfortunately, I think the good weather is gone for the foreseeable future...

  4. Your distance is my speed. I'd say you were good at both.