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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Another terrible Greek Fest, coming right up!

Every year I run this race. Every year it's horrible. I love the Greek Fest, gyros, ouzo, termites, and all, but the race is always a disaster for me. Either I throw up or run it right before hip surgery or just feel terrible because it's late and hot. This year, I decided to add being sick to the list. I have the most bizarre cold or viral infection ever. It started out like allergies, and I was so surprised that I had allergies so late in the Spring. And then the next day it was definitely not allergies: I still had itchy, watery eyes, a drip, and a sore throat, but add to that joint aches, light sensitivity, congestion, headache, and a terrible, wet chest cough. So that's been fun.

Tonight I get to see how I do on a 5k under such circumstances. If it's horrid, at least I have socks - and entry to the Greek fest! - to show for it.


  1. Good luck with the 5k. Racing when you are not feeling well is tough. I usually end up puking DURING the race if race when I'm sick. Good times. Enjoy Greek fest!!

  2. ...Termites?
    Don't push too hard if you're sick, myocarditis is a real thing! (And pushing too hard at a 5K is, well, a real risk!)

  3. Entry to Greek Fest certainly makes it worth it... yum!