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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Project Lazarus Bon Appétit

For the second year in a row, David and I volunteered at Bon Appétit, a fundraiser for Project Lazarus. Our roles were fun: we attended a house party as representatives for Project Lazarus, collecting donations and explaining the mission of the organization.

I mostly volunteered for a chance to wear this killer dress, which I have been saving for about 6 months. Because that's a DRESS.

I also volunteered because of the champagne-and-desserts afterparty, held at the beautiful Ursulines Convent.

Oh yeah! And I volunteered because I'm a big supporter of Project Lazarus, a transitional housing facility for people living with HIV/AIDS who would otherwise be homeless or in  unstable living situations.


  1. You look stunning! I would kill to be six inches taller and have an hour glass figure.:)

    1. Oh, well, you didn't see it from behind. Think butt that looks like marshmallow fluff ;-)

  2. Wow, that dress looks amazing on you! What a cool event!!

  3. That is an amaaaazing dress! Sounds like a cool opportunity (and a very cool organization)

  4. Yep, that's definitely a killer dress! You look amazing.

  5. Bam! You look amazing! Sounds like a great organization!

  6. You look incredible in that dress. And what a great reason to get dressed up!

  7. You've got great fashion sense! I love the style.
    Always nice when volunteering equals a beautiful gown and champagne. :)