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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Poor hammie

Work wasn't as terrible as I thought it would be yesterday... at least the computers worked. That's a plus. And I did buy my employees lunch, which hardly made up for the part where some lady shouted at us for a full ten minutes because we dared to call her doctor about a serious drug interaction. Some patients think they get to be their own doctors, and it's so worrisome. They start and stop drugs with reckless abandon. And when their doctors take our phone call and change or discontinue a drug, they're furious instead of thankful. It's very odd.

I ended up skipping my run Monday. After my run Saturday, my hamstrings felt tight, and after Sunday's easy 3 miles, my leg was really sore. I think I strained it mildly, so I took off a day (and will take off more if it keeps feeling tight). See what hills do to this poor flatlander's body?
But actually, it's not the hills' fault... after surgery, nothing is quite ever the same. You have new weaknesses and new imbalances. It's all a puzzle I just keep working on.
I'm sure that pre-injury hills would still have bothered my hamstrings, but the fact that it's left-sided only makes me think of the balancing act that my running is post-surgery!
For now my hamstring is still mildly sore when I stretch it (which I am trying hard not to do!) so I put some capsaicin on it and used ice Sunday afternoon. I'll run easy once it no longer feels tight.


  1. Keep on stretching those hammies!! So funny you mention that it feels like a puzzle. As soon as I figure out one issue, something else will get my attention.

    That's why I couldn't commit to a half during this marathon training cycle... I can't just run a half as part of training. I will end up racing that half, and end up being really sore for a week... I'm also terrified of interval speedwork...

    Getting old sucks... Yeah, I have much better endurance, but I miss my former haphazard speed.

  2. Keep on stretching.. It will get better soon.. I also feel the same way.. I get one thing better and then something else goes wonky!

  3. Glad you're taking it easy. You're also the voice of reason in my head right now, telling me to take it easy and try to let my ankle heal instead of just finishing the one race, rather than pushing and possibly ending up with surgery and even more down time. You're coming back strong, this is I'm guessing just a couple days of stepping back.

  4. Hopefully that hammy doesn't keep you out of action too long. Mine made me miss only a couple of sessions, It's back to normal now despite some very big kilometre weeks.

  5. I hope that your hamstring starts to feel better soon. Good for you for listening to your body versus pushing through the discomfort.