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Monday, May 11, 2015

I have nothing good to say

Besides that my street is finally finished!
We actually have street drains now. We never did before...just ditches that filled with rain water. 

Just a little November through May project to finish up three little blocks, that's all.

Anyway, so no posts lately. Or no posts of substance. The truth is, there just isn't all that much substance going on here. 
For one thing, I missed running for OVER A WEEK, unintentionally. It happened like this:
- Tried mild speedwork, so decided to take the day after off. I'm so responsible now.
- Then I realized that my final swimming lesson was coming up, so I went to the pool for the next three days to practice, so I could actually get something out of my exorbitantly priced lessons.
- Then I started thinking that my left leg felt kind of achy, so I didn't run for a few days. I'm telling you, SO responsible now.
- Then I slept in.
- Then I had early work meetings twice. 
And all of a sudden, ten days had gone by. And then when I started back running, I didn't do much, because I realized that if I were going to gradually increase my strength training by following Coach Jay's progression, I should also slowly progress running, or I would get injured from too much running and not enough strength. 
In other words, I am doing no interesting running at all, and have nothing to write about, unless a slow three miles in brutal humidity is somehow fascinating to you (although I did step on a large snake during my run this weekend, so that's interesting. I can't believe that snake couldn't get out of the way any faster.).

But I do have a new street, so that's kind of cool. 


  1. So I'm finally here, and the streets are unbelievable! It's shocking, really. Our neighborhood is undergoing the same slow transformation as yours. Also shocking is the humidity. Whoa.

    Sorry to hear about the lack of interesting running. We should be boring together soon. I've been here for one week tomorrow and already I have met with an ortho doc and have PT scheduled for my stupid hip. It doesn't matter how many clamshells or how much single-leg glute work I do, apparently my hips are garbage. So frustrating.

    1. My hips are garbage, too! What ortho/PT did you go to?

    2. First available! Lol! I went to see Dr. Finstein at Ponchartrain Bone and Joint (in Metarie). I just started PT yesterday at Movement Science. Had my first experience with dry needling there. Crazy.

    3. I spelled Metairie wrong. Too much French here!

  2. That looks very similar to my "training" lately, minus the swimming. I just have no motivation. I'm hoping two weeks off after my marathon light a spark in me for summer training.

  3. Well I think that it's very wise of you to be taking things slowly and balancing strength training with running. I am sure it seems boring and frustrating to you but hopefully it means a sustainable return to running!! And yea for that street FINALLY being done!

  4. Ah, a season of uninteresting running - I can totally relate ;) Except for the snake (!!!!!), which would just about give me a heart attack. Maybe the humidity was making it sluggish?

    But hooray for having a street, and actual drains! It's like living in civilisation! How are the swimming lessons? Are you a better fish now?

  5. Well, better uninteresting than none at all, so I'd say you are ahead of the game. And you have a lovely new street on which to do that uninteresting running!

  6. Hang in there. If there is one thing I have definitely learned, better smart than injured.

  7. Yea for new (or renewed) streets!

    My running has consisted of twice a week at best couch to 5k runs with my nephew. By the time we're finished, all I'll be good for is a 5k too.

  8. I think I'd still be screaming days later if I stepped on a large snake during a run. Holy crap!

  9. Humidity is a real killer to any desire to exercise. We have shocking, humid summers (and well into autumns) here and it takes a few weeks to acclimitize. After that it never feels great but it's kind of bearable as long as you run really early and drink a lot while you're out. Then winter comes and all the weeks you spent slogging through those stinking months seem worthwhile.