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Tuesday, May 26, 2015


After the Greek Fest 5k Friday night, I saved my race bib: it got us in free the next day, when I finally toured the church. This congregation is the oldest continuous Greek Orthodox congregation in America, and we heard their history during a brief presentation in the church. Fascinating. 

The presentation included chanting by two talented cantors. I got some video before the presentation started and I put my phone away, lest it irritate the woman behind me, who rattled a plastic bag full of baklava for 45 minutes straight. 


  1. We have a Greek festival here, but smaller and no race associated with it. We usually go every few years, and I love seeing the church, but that's standard for me -- pretty much anywhere in the world, one of my favorite things to see is a place of worship, regardless of the faith.

  2. Fun! Greek food is kind of the best. And congrats on the 5k!

  3. Ha, very considerate of you not to disturb her. I thought baklava was moist and delicious, not rattly

  4. The Greek community in our city had its festival last weekend as well. Made me wonder if the date is significant at all. Love the church! The Greeks really know how to do ornate.

    1. Perhaps - this weekend was Pentacost in the Roman Catholic calendar, but I don't know about the Greek Orthodox. They're on a different liturgical calendar.