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Thursday, April 9, 2015

What's next?

Now that the Crescent City Classic is (ill-advisedly) done, I am actually going to back off, rather than move forward, with running.

For your viewing pleasure, the new CCC poster
A couple of reasons -
1. I would like to actually do a slow progression to advance distance, and kind of just regard that race as an aberration.
2. Ever since my trip to Atlanta, my LEFT hip has been feeling weak. I want to take the time to go back to strengthening both sides (I think I got lazy about that).
3. I have other stuff to do right now. I am actually taking swimming lessons! They are once-a-week private lessons, and they aren't cheap, but I think it's worth it. I really need to know how to swim, if only for safety reasons. I'm going to try to make it to the gym pool twice a week, too, for practice, although all I've done so far is kick and attempt breaths!
4. We have some traveling coming up that will also mess with my schedule, so why even bother right now? I expect to spend one or two months more continuing rehab and moving into running, and we'll see then what's next. If my left hip continues feeling weak, I'll have to reassess how much running versus strengthening I plan to do, since that may be my long-term hip condition. And extra strengthening cuts into running time. So time will tell.


  1. Breaks are good for healing, for sanity, and for the love of running. Enjoy. Swimming is supposed to be great.

  2. Sounds like the smart move to make right now, although not always easy. It will pay off!

  3. I remember your pool-running days - for some reason I thought you already knew how to swim! (It is fabulous cross-training, I promise.) And yes, taking things easy sounds like the right thing for you - you know best what your body and mind need.

  4. I think you're making a great decision. You've invested a lot of time and energy and money getting your hips fixed so it makes sense to insure the work that's been done by strengthening them.

  5. I begrudgingly support your decision. You need to get all of the hip stuff behind you and this is probably the best way.

  6. I agree with Jim. Good call! I actually took swimming lessons this past fall. I never took them while I was younger but I started all my kids in lessons at age 4. I think learning to swim is so important and is a skill you can use your whole life.

  7. I agree, I'm sure you'll end up being glad you took your time. It's also always nice to be able to focus on other things without feeling like "OMG OMG should be running...." Hopefully swimming will end up being great cross training!