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Friday, April 3, 2015

Getting ready for Crescent City!

The Classic is tomorrow! And I'm all set.
I picked up my packet Thursday after work. The expo is in walking distance from my parking garage, and I got off in time to head over before the bigger crowds arrived on Thursday. They had a decent-sized expo, but I didn't do a lot of browsing. I did see some clearance Kinvaras for $60, but I held off. For one thing, I have a pair I've never worn yet still in my closet; for another, I can usually find Kinvaras for $60 easily (sometimes less) so I waited.
I like how CCC does packet pickup: you give your ID to the volunteer, they enter your name in the system, and hand you whatever number is on the top of the stack. That simple. No hunting for numbers, checking you off numeric-order lists, etc. The only thing they have to match up is your corral, which is by color, and since the seeded runners have a separate pick-up line, that's easy. Of course, I had to get in two lines, because David isn't seeded, but both lines moved very quickly - there are plenty of volunteers.
Here's the T-shirt, featuring the iconic New Orleans sidewalk street tiles (rub it in, CCC. We still don't have streets, let alone street tiles). My bib is pink, for B-corral - my first pink CCC bib! Not, of course, that I'll do it justice.
Even my SHIRT has sidewalks. 
I did stop at the New Orleans Track Club booth to say hi, and get my yellow wrist band - it lets you into the CCC post-race tent, source of all the best beer.

My only other prep: charging my electronics (I am bringing a Garmin and ipod) and choosing my clothes.

My favorite Coeur shorts (fleet foxes!), a Varsity singlet from a prior year, socks that don't have holes yet, Kinvara I's (still rocking the first edition), and a terrible Fruit of the Loom cotton bra. Why not a Coeur bra WITH POCKETS? Two reasons:
1. Even though I love the Coeur bra (POCKETS), it has three layers on the top. This makes it slightly warmer than a one or two layer bra, plus adds about 0.00000002 ounces of weight. For shorter races, I've decided against them - I don't want any extra warmth, I don't need the pockets, and I have decided I don't want the extra weight, despite the fact that I'm a good 5 or 10 pounds heavier than my ideal racing weight myself (control what you can control, right? It's kind of late in the day to go on a starvation diet). They're still my go-to favorite for everyday running, though, because they are perfectly comfortable.
2. My ribs are actually still not better, and a bagged out crappy bra is a little more comfortable. Poor me, I'll never get well.

There you have it. All prepared to go humiliate myself tomorrow.


  1. Oh please! You are SO not going to embarrass yourself, especially after that pretty decent 6-miler you did the other day. You'll be great!

    On an unrelated side note, I have come out of lurkdom (I used to blog and actually used to comment on blogs, including yours) and I just wanted to say that I hope you and I are able to meet up over the summer. I'm moving to New Orleans next month (Lakeview), and I need some new running partners! I can maybe hang with you for a week or two until you get all healed up and start burning up the pavement. ;-)

    1. Oh my gosh! Yes, I remember your blog! Welcome to NOLA! Lakeview is a lovely area. I can definitely hook you up to the running scene here. There are four large, active group runs every week - including a speed day at a local track and a long run day on saturday. You'll probably be most interested in Louisiana Running Company - Monday night runs close to Lakeview. The problem is - that's the only one I DON'T go to! But we'll meet up for sure - let me know when you are all moved in. Looking forward to it!

    2. AWESOME info, Grace! Thanks! I sort of assumed that you had the scoop for all the good groups. I'm excited to meet up with you and get into the NOLA running scene. I already have a friend down there, and I swear she does a race every weekend. Fun!

      Good luck this weekend. I won't be surprised in the least to see that you end up on the podium. :)

    3. LOL, probably not...there are Olympians racing tomorrow!

  2. Good luck! I agree with Allison, you're going to have a great run, maybe not your A goal from a year ago, but it will be more than respectable! Have fun!

  3. You so will not humiliate yourself tomorrow. Your last training run for this seemed to go really well. Just have realistic expectations. You are coming off of a major surgery so expecting to run a time that you would have ran before the surgery is not realistic or advisable (in my opinion) so just have an open mind and focus on the fact that you are able to run at all!! I hope you have fun!

  4. Have a great race! There are other victories besides gun times.

  5. Good luck and have fun in your first race back! Be healthy after it's over!!!

  6. DO IT!

    Kinvara I, that is impressive. I have two of the 4s and some 3s I wear just for walking.

  7. Yay! So great to read you running and racing again!! I don't get on here often at all. In fact, your blog is my first to read since March 17th! ha! Hope you have such a good race experience!