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Sunday, November 9, 2014

WWII Airpower expo

We had beautiful, clear, fall weather a few weeks ago, perfect for an air show!

(As opposed to all the other air shows I've attended, each of which took place in 100+ degree weather and ended up with one or several children throwing up with or without heat stroke. Ah, childhood memories.)

The Airpower expo featured aircraft used in WWII. We didn't have the $995 we'd need (per person) to ride in one, but we watched them taking off and landing, making comtrails in the sky, and giving rides to rich people. While they were on the ground, we checked them out up close, including getting to go inside a B-17.
My husband is cute.
I'm so glad the Commemorative Airforce is preserving these planes and maintaining them in flying condition.

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  1. oh yeah - some of my best childhood memories involved vomitus. Family excursions wouldn't have been the same without someone chucking up their guts.