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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My morning routine

I'm lazy, so I'm not one of those early morning runners. I don't get up before 6:00am, and then I need my little coffee time. Because - you know. I'm lazy. Now there's a little more time crunch, though, because I have to fit in my hip exercises. So here's what my morning looks like these days:
6:00 am. Wake up.
Get coffee. Read email and look through calendar. Stare in dull horror at the day's schedule.
6:15 am. Get dressed for running. Put hair up. Etc. By "etc" I mean "bathroom".
6:30 am. Read bible and do planks. Basically I plank while I read. It makes sure I do both! 
6:35 am. Hip exercises. I do a combination of PT and strength exercises I picked out myself; more on that in another post. 
7:00 am. Go running. Time varies. Generally, I run for forty-five minutes to an hour because I'm still alternating with walking. Three miles (normally completed in maybe 22 minutes) will take me at least 35, for example.

7:45 or 8:00 am. Stretch. I have a specific stretch routine I do after running; it takes just a few minutes, so if I get back early from running, I also foam roll. I haven't been foam rolling as much lately as I used to, mainly because I haven't been doing as much hard work that leads to tight muscles. Yes, I'm drinking coffee while I stretch. Multi-tasking!
8:00ish. Shower and get dressed.
8:15 am. Pack lunch.
8:20 am. Make breakfast and eat with David. We read the paper while we have breakfast because we're basically 70 year olds at heart.
8:30 am. Out the door to work.
9:00. Open my pharmacy.

So that's my morning. Notice the complete lack of "Make sure Suzie is wearing shoes", "Feed Buster", and "Get kids to school bus". It's nice having no responsibilities besides myself (and my husband, who would starve to death if I didn't feed him). But I still feel like I have so much stuff to do in order to run - over half an hour of stretching and strengthening. I know I have to do it, but it eats up my time. I think I need to stop nursing my coffee for so long in the morning, but then, I do enjoy my coffee time!

What's your morning look like? What time do you wake up?


  1. sounds like you're being really sensible! I always cram things in and get up at the latest possible time to fit in a workout. mon wed fri i have to be at the pool for 5.30 so get up at 5.15, and tues/thurs i get up around 6.30 for a run before work at 7.30!

  2. So good you're being diligent with your exercises. And way to get up and run in the morning!

    Baby woke up at 4:30 and 5:30 but went back to sleep both times so that's a win. Toddler was up at 6:30. I put on a cartoon for her while I made coffee and drank it in a stupor on the couch. Then we made pancakes. Then the baby woke up and I got them all changed and dressed. Now I'm feeding the little one on the couch and reading blogs while the toddler systematically removes everything from her toy baskets.

  3. Yeah, all that extra time just to run is pretty much my routine, too. I've been getting up 30-40 minutes earlier than normal for about six or seven months now to make sure I get all that extra work in. Not fun, but necessary!

  4. I wish I had the time/drive for morning exercises. Here's what mine looks like:
    6:15am alarm goes off
    6:30am finished reading emails/FB updates on my phone
    6:35am shower
    6:45am get dressed and brush teeth
    7am prepare kids lunches
    7:15am eat breakfast
    7:30am leave for work with teenager in tow
    8am drop teenager at high school
    8:10am arrive at work, park my bum in a chair until 5pm-ish

  5. Way to keep on the stretching! I would love to be a "morning person" but am just not. I wake up at 5:45 and hit the snooze button until 6:15 and then wake up all the kids except the oldest who got up at 5:45 (he likes school a lot). I slam out 4 breakfasts and 4 lunches, yell at kids to get dressed/eat/brush hair/EAT/stopping bickering and just EAT/brush teeth, load up the car at 7:25 (hopefully), and battle rush hour traffic for the 45-minute drive into school. Then I usually eat some bacon and sometimes work out.

  6. This morning was an exceptionally early wake up for me. I checked my clock at 3:20am and managed to drop it. The back fell off and the battery fell out so I had to get up and reset it or I would have missed my 4:45am alarm. I have a feeling it's going to be a long day!

  7. I am glad I don't have any other responsibilities in my life now either as it's tough enough to get myself to work. If I am working out, I get up at 4:45 and fit in a 30 minute workout, if I'm not working out, I get up at 5:30. I am out the door by 6:30 so I don't allow for much dilly dallying!

  8. Wow, you sound so dedicated. Far from lazy. I think we should all be this dedicated with pre and post runs..might save us all from injury! I'm a 70 year old at hear too but don't read the paper. I should maybe...I'd know more about what's going on in the world.

  9. I prefer to run in the morning, too, but if I need to get *anything* important done, I prefer to get it done in the morning! So in the past few weeks my morning routine has been: get up at 6.30 or 7, eat breakfast, read the paper while eating breakfast, and go straight to work - usually starting around 7.30 or 8. I'll work straight through till my stomach tells me I need a late-morning snack, and then go running sometime later in the day as my productivity wanes. The only problem: tropical weather means thunderstorms tend to happen right around when I want to go running, and I still never really know when I'll get off work, so it comes back round to the morning being the only time I'm DEFINITELY able to get a run in!

  10. I'm spending more time stretching than running these days too, but my motto is "whatever it takes" so I can keep running.
    I do the same stretches you have pictured, and just discovered a few new moves too.
    Usually on school days I'm up at 6:45, but don't run till after 8. Sometimes I hit the weights first.

  11. That's an impressive morning routine - but it's great that you're sticking with the exercises/stretches and not rushing through them just to get in more running or sleep. My morning generally involves waking up, brushing my teeth, putting in contacts, changing into scrubs, and grabbing my pre-packed breakfast/lunch/snacks and coffee and walking into work. I leave at around 6:30-6:45am, and I always wonder what time morning runners get to work since I can't imagine running before work!