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Sunday, July 13, 2014

I feel like a million bucks

So I'm backing off everything.
One of the discharge instructions I read from a prominent physician who performs hip labral tear repair mentioned that patients will often feel very good around 4 or 5 weeks post-op, and then they overdo it.  I don't want to be one of those patients! The last thing I want is a set-back of any kind. So when I woke up feeling like surgery was a thing of the distant past, I slowed down instead of speeding up.

- I was given a whole list of new PT I can do now that it's been over 4 weeks, but instead of introducing it all all at once, I just added one new activity a day.
- I completely skipped a walk in the park, knowing I might have to park far away for a birthday party/Bastille day celebration later in the day.
- I actually reduced the number of reps in PT
- I wore heels to a dinner party but made sure I either stood correctly (with weight evenly distributed to both legs) or sat.
At the city's Bastille Day celebration on the River

I was glad I made those choices, because I accidentally hurt my hip yesterday! Don't laugh, but I was cleaning the bathroom and was trying to put a new mophead on the mop. As I fiddled with the screws, I sat down on the toilet seat while I was working on it...except I forgot I had just cleaned the toilet bowl, and the lid and seat were up. I expected the seat to be higher than it was, so I CRASHED down that extra two inches, catching myself squarely on the injured hip. It did NOT feel good! Luckily, the pain was short-lived, and I was fine after about five minutes, but I would have been frustrated if I wasn't. If I had done too much, and it hurt all day, I'd keep wondering if I hurt it accidentally or by overdoing it.

I didn't just feel good physically yesterday. I felt good mentally and emotionally, too, because I got some quality time with good running friends! My running group, Varsity Sports, has more or less kept tabs on me via Facebook, but a couple in the group, Jon and Janell, invited us to dinner this weekend. We joined them at their lovely home, along with several other group members, and it really was wonderful to see everyone again. Jorge was there - he and I were probably the closest in speed on speedwork Mondays, so he's sort of a training partner; also several of the members who've been with the group for years, and Andy, who I ran with for the Greek Fest 5k. It was so nice to see everyone, especially Jon and Janell, whom I really look up to. Jon is a cancer survivor and I would like to tell his story here once I get his permission.

It did suck a little to hear everyone's racing and running stories, but that mild pain was worth the pleasure of good company, good food, and good wine.


  1. You are smart to be taking it easy! I know it is hard to do as I went through that last year after my long absence from running. But it pays off in the long run. I am glad that you got a chance to see your running club friends! I know it's a little bittersweet as it's tough to hear all the running stories and such!

  2. I'm so glad there were no lasting ramifications from your toilet incident. It would have been embarrassing to have to explain that you'd injured your hip on the toilet.

  3. Sounds like you're getting wise in your old age! Hopefully you can stick to your plan. Glad you're progressing.

  4. I had to get stitches in my chin due to a toilet bowl incident… LOL! Those things can be tricky sometimes! I'm glad you are feeling good. Keep your spirits up and doing all the right things; it sounds like you are on the right path to healing!

  5. I am impressed with your cautious and careful attitude! sounds like a smart comeback strategy...

    Question for you... my current PF injury is delaying my fall marathon a bit. I am considering the Mississippi Coast marathon (or half) because it is on my actual birthday and I have always wanted to run a race on my bday. It's also the closest to my house of the 8 in the U.S. that day. I know it's small and low key. I just read your race report form 2011. I can deal with no crowd support (done a few of those) and I would have my own fuel since it sounds like it is not reliable. I just hope they would have enough water. Besides that- how was the actual course? What were the temps? Have you done the full and the half there before?

  6. Sounds like you're playing it smart. I'm so glad that you're still feeling well. It's so hard to rein it in when things are going well, but hopefully this pays off big long-term benefits and you are FINISHED with being injured!

  7. You've been on the DL list before and have learned some vital lessons about doing too much too soon. I admire your strength, it will pay off. At least it's summer and you can get outdoors and enjoy that pretty garden (nothing sucks worse than being injured in winter). Heal quickly!!

  8. Echoing the others...glad you're okay after falling into the toilet and that you're taking it easy. Here's to patient, rapid recovery!

  9. OUCH! Does not sound comfortable.

    Glad to hear things seem to be going well otherwise, though!