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Friday, May 23, 2014

One Last Race before surgery

I'm doing something pretty silly today.
My hip labrum is torn.
My surgery is scheduled.
I'm running a 5k tonight!

With doc's permission, of course. We'll just find out how much pain I can handle I guess!
The Greek Fest 5k is a miserably hot Friday night 5k...that gets you free entry and free beer at the Greek Fest. I love the tradition of sitting on Bayou St. John post-race, drinking an Abita and eating lamb sausage and fries with feta.
So, we signed up for this race, and I'll just jog it. It will be fun anyway, and my first race in a long time in which I'm just running (not racing, not training run, not pacing, not trying to PR). I guess it's time to see what that feels like!
This year the race handed out socks instead of T-shirts. I love getting something besides a T-shirt at a race. They're good quality Sock Guy socks, too.

By the way, as for the "doctor's permission" part, he has insisted that it's fine to run if you can tolerate the pain. He actually has several runners with labral tears under his care who opted out of surgery and just manage the pain. However, I just can't handle this much pain every day (not just when running!), and I don't want to end up arthritic or needing a total hip. While I like that Dr. Van Sice considers surgery a last resort, I can't wrap my head around leaving this painful injury alone. So surgery it is, and in the meantime, I run lightly while I still can, limiting my miles, speed, and frequency. I'd rather not make this tear worse, and I can't take the pain for very long.

I think I should install a "pain scale" widget on this blog until I'm better. Ha!


  1. This sounds lovely. Also, I would love if some races would give out things like nice socks instead of tired old T-shirts.

    Have a good time!

  2. This sounds straight up your alley - a race before surgery. I guess you can't do any more damage at least? I hope it goes well.

  3. I'm glad you finally know what the problem is and that it can be fixed. Here's to a very speedy recovery.

  4. Been a little bit behind on my blogging lately, and didn't know you were having surgery. While that really stinks, it will be good to have this injury behind you and recover for real. Wishing you many healthy runs in the future!