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Saturday, May 10, 2014

One last MRI

After popping gabapentin for a few weeks (not really, it is just 300mg daily), I'm feeling medium-okay. It doesn't hurt to walk most of the time, and running is tolerable if I go short and slow.
How I found this out:
1. I intended to run 5 miles, but thanks to street flooding (last night we had very heavy rain and flooding; our drains got overwhelmed and things are still wet today) I looped around to make an approximate eight. At mile seven, the pain got pretty bad.
2. I tested my limits by running with a faster group for Varsity Sports' Thursday night social run, with disastrous results. No. Not happening. Jogging is it for me until I figure things out.

Dr. Van Sice is leaning toward spinal involvement, but the tear is there on the MRI. If there were impingement, I'd definitely have to stay off it to prevent further tearing and damage. Since there isn't, and the tear runs right along the rim, he prefers some movement. There is anecdotal evidence that there could be limited healing with movement to stimulate the very limited blood flow. And I've healed a little on my own, based on symptomatic improvement (from absolutely no weight bearing possible to walking normally even before any treatments were started). So I am okay with running within the limits of pain, just to keep active.
Then again, I don't always trust sports medicine doctors when they say that it's ok to run within pain limits. I think all sports docs tell you to keep doing X that caused your injury to begin with, just to keep you happy. I've almost never heard, "Stay off that! Stop running!"

Metairie Imaging, where I got my last MRI, called to set up my spinal MRI, which was finally approved. I really like Metairie Imaging, if you are in the area and looking for an affordable MRI. They were a good $100 less than the next cheapest place, and they got me in and out from start to finish in under 50 minutes last time!
Unfortunately I didn't get to call them back, but I should be able to squeeze an appointment in next week. One last MRI before maybe schedule surgery!


  1. Glad to see you're considering surgery Gracie. This is one situation where I think it could make a big difference.
    Keeping you in my prayers for complete and rapid healing.

  2. I really hope you contact Elizabeth about her labral surgery. She's near you...Georgia is in the South, right? So that's close, right? ;-)

    Wishing you the very best with the outcome no matter which way you play it.

    1. I didn't contact her yet, but I read through her blog. I will, though, if it's definitely going to be surgery. Thanks again for the tip.

  3. Oh no, I hope you are able to get it figured out. Considering surgery for anything is a bummer. On a side note, my butt problem went away, I think it was related to my wallet lol.

  4. Wait, when did this blog start again ... just ran across it! Hope things are well other than the leg, but I'm glad you're thinking about surgery.

  5. I didn't realize your injury was surgery-bad! Keep us informed of any updates! Sorry you are going through this. :( kristen

  6. Just a belated comment - I am so sorry you're dealing with this.

  7. Yikes, surgery! The dreaded S word. Best thoughts coming your way!!

    When I was having back problems and told all sorts of doctors (ortho, sports med) that it only hurt when I was running, they all gave me the "duh" look and suggested I not run. YOU CANNOT SAY THAT, MY FRIEND. So that was fun. The only person who said to run was a pain management doctor who figured there had to be a way to get me running again. Glad to hear there are docs out there who don't jump straight to "well, just stop doing it."