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Monday, November 12, 2012

Where are all the races?

Hanging out with running friends after The Wall 30k last year

If you read my blog last year, you're probably wondering where are my races went. Last year by now I'd run quite a few fall races...

Clarence Demar Marathon
Gulf Coast HalfMiddendorf's Manchac ten miler
Jazz Half
Turkey Day five miler
Gulf Coast marathon

And I still had my winter races coming up:

Baton Rouge Beach marathon
Ol' man River half
The Louisiana Marathon
The Wall 30k

That's all between October and January. Throw in Spring and you'd have to add:
RnR New Orleans marathon
Publix Marathon
St Charles Ave Road Race 10k
The Boston Marathon

By the way, those races in Spring were all within 6 weeks!

But this year I had to back off. There were a few reasons for that. 
1. Thanks to injury I was not in shape to race early this fall. I was still building a base.
2. Since I'm actually still dealing with this injury. I want to reduce unnecessary hard efforts and save it for races that matter.
3. Recovery time cuts into training time for people who are not in shape (me).

So this year, all I've run is the Lakefront Classic 15k, which I didn't do so well in. And on my schedule for the rest of the season?

Middendorf's Manchac ten miler
Turkey Day five miler

Ol' Man River half

The Louisiana Marathon
Maybe The Wall 30k

RnR New Orleans Marathon

That's half the races I did last year! I certainly miss the fun of racing, but I feel like I need to play it safe since I'm still in pain when I run far or fast. Next week, though, you'll be getting a race report from me! 


  1. I think you are absolutely doing the right thing! After my injury last year, I have backed off on racing this year. I think it's worked well--gives a chance to get back into shape and also spare the greater risk of injury that comes with racing.

  2. Definitely playing it smart by cutting things back and letting yourself heal.

  3. I think running too many races is silly and a waste of money, but that's just my opinion. I find it better to cut back and save your efforts for a favourite course or special race :)

    Let yourself heal and race smart ;) xo

  4. You are a lot smarter than ME who went ahead with the heavy race schedule and it was not smart