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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Running in Paris

I had big plans to run while on vacation.
Big flop.
I left New Orleans Saturday right after an 18 mile run which I crammed in that morning to make sure I got one last long run in. It capped off a pretty solid week for me: I had a very poor race on Sunday, but Monday I had a strong speed workout with the track group and Thursday I did what I think was my first tempo run ever - and it went quite well. Then the 18 miler wasn't bad, either. I saw many friends running the Jazz half marathon while I was in the park. I love that race, but I didn't want to run it and risk missing my flight if something went wrong. This miles I ran going against oncoming race traffic were slow - I was being careful to stay out of the way and off the course, and it was difficult. I did manage to throw some faster miles on at the end, though, and the run really felt effortless.
Twelve hours in a plane later, I wasn't really feeling up to running. I skipped Sunday. When the jet lag wore off Monday, I tried to head out of our hotel and do 8 or 10 miles, but we ran into a major problem. David had packed the wrong USB cable to charge my Garmin, and it was dead after my run Saturday. Without it, I was limited as to where I could run. I was as annoyed as you can be while on vacation in Paris, which isn't much.
There was a second problem, though. David didn't love the idea of my running off by myself with no way to contact him and no way to speak the language in an emergency. He made me drag him along.
Misery. I love that man, but he is so. annoying. to. run. with.
David loves to charge out of the house at break-neck speed, then begin complaining and barely jogging 2 miles in. Then I have to drag his sorry rear around after me for the rest of the run. I swear, this guy does it to me every time. Oh, and he acts like running is a punishment and often flatly refuses to do it.
And it was cold.
So the truth is that we only went running 3 times, for about 16 miles total all week. Like I said, big flop.
View from our hotel window: just run up the street to the Eiffel Tower

But when we did run, it was beautiful. We ended up just running around the park that surrounds the Eiffel Tower since we were familiar with the area and it was close to the hotel. There were other runners there, but most of them were Americans. We did see some adorable French old ladies running in jeans, though!
We ran around the tower at night but didn't do the Seine - too bad, look at that nice running path! 

I tried to jump right back in to my schedule when we got home from Paris and back to New Orleans, and that didn't go so well either. I had a long run on the books, and it just about sucked as much as a run can. I did an easy 1-hour warmup, except my heart rate was through the roof by the end of it. Perhaps a function of the jet lag, no sleep, and long flights and delays the day before? It had been raining steadily since I started running. When I switched to the speed portion, the rain became a downpour. I was soaked through, cars were splashing me, my shoes weighed 15 pounds, and I could not keep my speed up while dodging puddles. When I started chaffing raw I stopped and assessed. I was miserable! And tired and hungry! So I went home.
My shoes still haven't dried, and my running still hasn't come all the way around, but we're getting there.

What's your favorite place to run when traveling? I personally like runs in Atlanta, so I can get some hills in!


  1. About the post I did about the NYC marathon, I know that not everyone would agree. And since you lived through Katrina I think your opinion means more than anyone.

    When you were in Paris, did you have a phone with you? I just carry that with me when I run abroad, that way if I get lost I just see where I'm at on the GPS map and get back that way. I actually didn't even have a garmin in London when I ran.

    Lol on your run problems over there! I bet your body was just really tired and jet lagged on that long run you did...

    My favorite city I've ever ran in is Sydney, Australia - that city is amazing. Also New Zealand has some phenomenal trails.

  2. I'm sorry your run plans got derailed over in Paris, it really is a great city to run, but you were smart to not run alone because you just never know and we certainly saw our fair share of sketchy people while out running the one time we made it out. (We had plans for at least two other runs but sight seeing got in the way, although, I'm pretty sure we walked the equivalent of a marathon while there!) I hope you're feeling back on track now!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. I got to run in Atlanta for the first time last month. It's a great city for runners! But my favorite is still San Diego. Perfect running weather year round. Hills and flats are equally accessible.

  4. I didn't run as much as I thought I would in Paris as I ended up being sort of under the weather. But I did love running along the Seine!

    One of my favorite cities to run in is Vancouver, BC. I love running along the seawall there. Austin would also be a great city to run in as there are so many great paths. Lastly, Chicago is wonderful, too, with their awesome lakefront path!

  5. I know that's not much for you, but I think for being on vacation and having so much cool stuff to see and do, running at all is impressive! For the three weeks I spent in Europe, we did a ton of hiking and walking with our big backpacks, but I think I only went running a handful of times.

  6. If you ever go back, make sure to get in a run along the Seine, it is perfect. Spike and I only managed one run on our honeymoon there, we ran from Gare de Lyon to the Tour Eiffel and back for 8 miles; it was a rainy, overcast day, but still absolutely magical.

    And now I shall read the rest of your Paris recaps and pretend I'm back there all over again. (It seems like we may even have been there around the same time. When did you go? We were there Oct 17 - 24)