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Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Wednesday was rough

1. A dog jumped on me and bit my foot when I was running.
2. Then my shower as ice cold.
3. Because my water heater was broken!
4. And I had to run out of the shower dripping wet to get the phone when security called me because my pharmacist set off the alarm.
5. There were 18 people in line at the post office.
6. And there was an earwig in my swiss chard at dinner.


  1. I think you took a page out of Alexander's Terrible, Horrible, No Good Rotten Day (I know I'm a bit off on that title!)

  2. Thankfully, Wednesday has moved on...

  3. Holy crap. I totally get the earwig thing, our house gets mildly infested by them every summer. I've found them in cups, on toothbrushes... they are the insects nightmares are made of. My daughter calls them the "Terrible Bugs." Yucko.

    Thankfully, the day is over.

  4. Happy Thursday! ;) (sorry your Wednesday sucked)...and I hope your foot is okay!

  5. Yikes. But now it's almost the weekend...

  6. YUCK x6. That is like a year's worth of bad luck used up in one day. You should be good for awhile now!

  7. haha on MsZippy's comment, I remember that book growing up!

  8. look on the bright side : you have us to complain to commiserate with you!
    Hope your foot's okay. I'm always nervous of dogs nipping at my feet when I run.

  9. Ew. An earwig? Was he alive and running around?