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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Death to quads

This Monday our "track" workout was notable for three things:
1. We saw Drew Brees in the park and congratulated him on his new record.
2. Kelly brought cookies. Yeah, baby!
3. I can't walk now.

The workout was...unique. We warmed up running about a mile to the park (or 2 miles, if you ran from home like I did), then ran a 2 mile loop: first mile at 5k pace, second mile "whatever you have left". Then we ran back to the track. So far, so good. That's when it got weird. The next part of the workout was a set of five laps: 300 meters hard, then hurdles, lunges, and side hurdles (going over alternated with ducking under). Then a 100 meter jog and repeat.
(I found these images of over-under hurdles, which is just like what we were doing except the hurdles were all the same height)
Ever since then I have been basically useless on my feet! My quads are on fire and running at any speed is painful. The morning after the workout I eked out ten miles that I could barely manage under 8-min pace. This is the kind of workout that I realize I must need (based on how sore I am after!) but not the kind I want to do anywhere near race day. I'm practically lame.

Now I'm going to go upstairs and shower, then spend ten minutes figuring out how to get back down to the first floor. Fun times.


  1. I saw Drew Brees tweeted about spending time in Audbon Park! I'm so jealous you saw him!

  2. Wow...sounds tough! I'd probably be crawling by now...

  3. cool celebrity sighting!
    That workout sounds intense. Early on in your race training is probably the time to knock it out, though, right?
    Good luck with those stairs...

  4. I like to hear about this torture, those hurdles sound like a great hip strengthening workout!

  5. I'm a huuuge football fan and super jealous you met Drew Brees!!