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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Teeny tiny wine glasses

I hate this fad.
This is a typical modern red wine glass, and it is an astonishing 10" tall and holds 18.5 ounces! EIGHTEEN! A serving of wine is 5 or 6 ounces! 

The "in" thing is to have big, tall, unwieldy wine glasses. The stem is 10 inches tall. The bowl could house a goldfish - or double as a gladiolus vase. The design tests the laws of physics and tempts party goers to send glasses toppling.

It's a terrible design. I prefer a shorter, stouter wine glass.
L: My old, still reasonably-sized wine glasses. R: My new, smaller wine glasses  that hold 7 ounces and are about 7" tall.
For one thing, I am a klutz. These sturdy little fellas are much safer for me. For another, I like the greater exposed surface area a rounded bowl provides. The new tall and rather narrow design prevents aeration that improves the wine. Plus, I associate these smaller glasses with family-owned Italian restaurants and delicious food.

A few weeks ago the hubby and I went to a restaurant supply store and bought 2 dozen lovely, squat little wine glasses. I'm loving them. My whole house feels like an Italian restaurant now!
Question for you: Forget big wine glasses. Don't you agree that martini glassed were DESIGNED to spill? I think it's a ploy to get you to buy another drink. 


  1. Martini glasses are indeed the devil!

  2. Yes on the martini glasses!

    My neighbor gave us a set of the huge red wine glasses and they were very expensive ones. I love the idea of using them, but rarely do b/c I'm so paranoid I'll break them!

  3. you just need to drink them faster!

  4. Martini glasses are all vanity and no function.

  5. I break wine glasses by the dozen. I think your buying them two dozen at a time is a wonderful idea. Also, they totally make me feel like I am at a homey Italian restaurant.

    I once got a glass of wine at Juban's in BR and it was a huge glass with only a drop of wine in it, so my friend started ordering us doubles! I thought it was funny.

  6. I always see old men with the huge wine glasses so they can swirl the wine a bit and fit their whole beak in there. Okay, mainly my grandma's husband. That dude loves his wine!

  7. Haha I really like big wine glasses. Something I don't like is the wine glasses without stems. I like to have something to hold onto!! Haha

  8. Ha, yes, martini glasses were designed to spill!

    I like the stemless glasses for red wine, and I don't mind the big wine glasses, but it is dangerous as you can drink A LOT of wine and not realize it!

  9. I love big wine glasses...although i don't fill them or I would be on the floor! Stopping by to say hi-as I saw your running 'track' on travel spot and loved it!