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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Boston marathon pictures

David and I picked up ultra-runner A.D.'s special gels for him at his hotel right by the finish line. A.D. took this picture of us. 

It was so crowded at the finish line you couldn't get a pic by yourself for love  or money.

I hadn't seen David yet here...I ran near this girl Bridget most of the way; she finished just seconds behind me so I heard her name a lot! Look at my poor swollen knee :(

Hi David!!! This was mile 17. My clothes are soaked with sweat . All those lumps are stashed gu's in my back pocket and bra. 
Blowing a kiss as I ran off!

David caught some of the elite action - does anyone know who this is?

The elite women breeze by


  1. I'm still in awe of your time in those conditions! WOW!!!

  2. So awesome.
    What a day! Crazy funk weather.
    Sounds like you made the best of it.

  3. Great job! BTW - awesome calf pic!

  4. Lovin' your calf muscle in the kiss photo!

  5. I echo that! Your calf muscles are ripped!

  6. Great photos.

    Now what's happening with that knee of yours?

  7. You look gorgeous!!! I think it's so cool you got pictures from this amazing race!!! I hope your knee starts improving!!!

  8. What everyone else said!!! Amazing!

  9. Great job Grace! You make it look so easy. And yes, that is an awesome calf in that photo! It's funny you say the lumps are just Gu! I have that same problem with gloves, beanie, all goes straight in the bra!

  10. One, your poor knee! Two - you were awesome! Those conditions were hard core, and that's a great time. Three - you look wonderful in the pictures, so there's that. ;-)

  11. I am just seeing this now!
    I dont know why some blogs did not show on my reader for the last few days...anyway..I am catching up..I love the pics!
    I know it was hard conditions but you look pretty "fresh" on the pictures!!