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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Why running a race in a costume is SO SUPER DUPER FUN

I ran 13.1 miles in a cowgirl outfit last Saturday, complete with bedazzled denim shorts, holsters with squirt guns, plaid shirt, cowgirl hat, bandana, and even a commemorative belt buckle (made out of tin foil, decorated with the race symbol). It was crazy fun, and here's why:
1. It's New Orleans, so you can have fun without being totally weird. A lot of people dress up for races here...especially since it was Halloween.
2. It's sort of like taking 5 minutes off your time. When you tell people your finishing time, they look at you like, "IN THAT?!" and automatically assume you could have run faster in normal clothes...which might be true.
3. In the first mile a pedestrian hollered at me, "Hey Cowgirl! Ya want a biscuit to go with dem chicken legs?!"
4. Around mile 6 I challenged a gladiator to a duel. I won the duel, and I beat him to the finish!
5. The kids watching LOVE it. I actually gave a squirt gun away to a little kid wearing a cowboy suit!
6. Other runners love it, too. I was chatting with someone during the race about how awesome my little brother is and he said, "You know what else is awesome? Running in jean shorts!" Touche.
7. Whistles and catcalls are acceptable when you're running a's all in fun then.
8. It's really, really, really fun to zip past the guy in all the fancy race gear: special non-chaffing shorts, aerodynamic ipod cuff, water tank strapped to his back.
9. It's inspiring to yourself and others. Basically others think "If she can finish wearing that get-up, I can too" and you yourself think "I will look so stupid wearing this silly hat puking on the side of the road so I better persevere".
10. The finish line is just more fun in costume, although this time a spectator near the finish encouraged the runners to speed up and "Go catch the cowgirl! You can't let her beat you, she's running in denim!" SOOO not fair.


  1. Congrats on the half!! Hope your feet improve soon, poor toenail!

    Yay, New Orleans!! I went to school there, Tulane. I miss it so. I try to get down when I can. I ran the Mardi Gras half marathon twice when I lived there, i have yet to get back and do the full!

    I've moved my blog to my own site, you should check out my recap of the NYC Marathon!

  2. I live down the street from Tulane - a block off Maple street! Come back and visit for the Full - it is supposed to be a great one this year.
    Thanks for the tip about the new site - bookmarked ;-)

  3. I used to live on upper Zimple in the colorful shotgun houses. I think ours was pink with purple shutters! LOL

    I definitely need to get down there again, haven't been down since Jazz Fest in 2008.