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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My new adorable 1-minute hairstyle

Pressed for time? I always am, thanks to the hour I squandered this morning making pithy comments on my friends' Facebook statuses. When I'm rushing out the door to work I rely on this dressed-up, low, side bun style.
Here's what you do:
1. You need a normal elastic plus a dressed up elastic. I bought the one above at Walgreens for $1. I also have one with a tortoiseshell decorative thingy on it.
2. Use the fancy elastic to put your hair in a not-too-neat low side ponytail (I usually leave the front wispy).
3. Twist the ponytail so it loops back on itself and the end of your hair sticks up above the top of the fancy elastic - leaving some spiky "fringe" sticking up.
4. Use the other elastic to hold this loop in place. I wrap it around three times: Twice ABOVE the fancy elastic and once BELOW the fancy elastic.
5. Adjust the elastic and your hair ends to look cute and fluffy and a little messy.
This holds all day in my hair, especially if my hair is damp or I slept with it wet (which gives it lots of texture). It's cute but professional enough for work. If your hair is shorter than mine your looped bun will just be smaller.

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