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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Blame it on computers

I have figured out a clever way to get out of the age-old pharmacy dilemma. Let me describe the scenario: You are working in the pharmacy and someone you recognize walks up - an old customer, a friend, former co-worker, etc. You two greet each other since you obviously know each other, but of course you can't remember this person's name. That's a huge problem, because everything you do in pharmacy requires you to know your patient's name (usually the patient cheerily asks what blood pressure medication he's on and you have to start making educated guesses). I have solved this problem by routinely blaming my computer system. I start typing, then frown in annoyance, then slam the keyboard a couple of times. Then I feign exasperation and ask, "What's your date of birth? For some reason this thing won't pull your profile up." Once I get the date of birth I can usually recognize the name out of a list of patients with that date of birth.
Face saved!

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