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Friday, March 27, 2009

My Starbucks dilemma

I am studying for the NAPLEX, the pharmacy licensing exam for those of you who were wondering. Occasionally I leave the house to avoid the compulsive cleaning that I prefer to studying.
My old favorite haunt was the PJ's by my house. I'm not a huge Sbux fan because:
1. They aren't local and I prefer to shop local... if I have to pay someone $3.00 for a cuppa, it might as well help out my local economy.
2. It's freaking freezing in there. Are all the barristas menopausal?!
3. The emo, artsy music is fine, but it's way too loud. In fact it's drowning out the high-pitched adolescent wine coming from the gaggle of legging-wearing, iPhone-toting, low-fat-frappucino drinking rich girls at the next table.
Pj's is a little softer, no music, a little more study oriented, and honestly they have better, richer, less-burnt coffee. So that's where you used to find me, nose in a book. But now they've offended me. You see, one of the employees - he's new and not very nice - overcharged me on a sale bag of coffee. Then when we came in the next day for a refund, the coffee was no longer on sale, and he refused to refund us. I was annoyed because the coffee was half price, and basically I lost $8 on the deal. I'd like to boycott the place, but I still need to study.
I'm thinking about just boycotting that particular employee. Maybe if I see him I'll just leave and go to Sbux (they're next door to each other, conveniently).
But I miss my Pj's coffee.

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