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Friday, August 21, 2020


 "Currently" is a blog post theme some of my favorites have been using for a while, and I decided to hop on board! 

Currently eating: Peaches, sirloin pork chops, and tofu! I got some amazing peaches for $0.78 per lb, so I stocked up. I'm mostly eating them plain as a snack, but I plan to make some panna cotta with peaches next week. I also got some sirloin pork chops at the grocery. I prefer that cut to loin cut as it is much more flavorful! And lastly - I bought homemade tofu from our Asian market a few weeks ago and oh my word, it is so much better than store bought. I was at the Asian market buying a huge bag of random Asian foods for my sister for her birthday: this kind of gift is right up her alley, as she loves Asian foods and doesn't have a specialty store near her. 

Related story: I also bought myself a bunch of produce from the Asian grocery, much of which did not have a label in English. When I got home, I Googled the names of the items off my receipt. Turns out that I bought a loofah! I threw it into a curry and it was just fine - like a mix of eggplant and summer squash in texture. I resisted the urge to make a bunch of "wash your mouth out with soap" and similar jokes. 

Currently reading: Lithium, by Walter Brown. It's the history of how lithium came to be used in bipolar disorder. It's actually less interesting than I expected it to be. 

Currently drinking: Old vine zinfandel. I don't know what's going on in California (besides there being no power), but the old vine is CHEAP these days. I am taking full advantage. After the baby goes to bed I get a glass of wine and read my boring book and I'm very happy. Old vine zinfandel is one of my favorite wines to drink on its own. 

Currently running: While our mile time trial is next week, I've had to keep my workouts tame to avoid aggravating my hamstring. I did 8x30 second accelerations today - from easy to mile pace - and was not thrilled that my legs feel heavy and I'm moving pretty slowly. 

Currently wearing: I bought these pink mirrored sunglasses and I'm loving the reflective look! Between these and my mask - you can't see me at all ;-)

Also loving these beaded earrings I made this week. 

Currently watching:
I really haven't been watching much at all. We sometimes watch something on Sunday night; it would generally be sports, but with the Pelicans out of the playoffs, I haven't been that interested in the rest of the NBA season. I did watch an episode of Unsolved Mysteries, which was fun, even though OBVIOUSLY THE HUSBAND DID IT OMG. 

Currently waiting for: The inner tubes I ordered for my bike to come in so I can get back on Snow White, my little single speed road bike. I got a flat when I hit a major pothole I misjudged, and my bike takes weird tubes with 60mm Presta valves. None of the local bike shops carry them (and actually, most bike shops have been sold out of nearly everything or only services current customers, ie you bought your bike from them, since the pandemic started). 

Currently loving: Our city counsel just voted to change the name of "Jefferson Davis Parkway" to "Norman C Francis Parkway" and I couldn't be happier to see the name of the president of the confederacy removed from our street signs. These Jim Crow era monuments are a blight on our city.

Currently hating: Politics. Oh, my word, I am so tired of it all! 


  1. Try Cheesecake-Stuffed Peaches, the Better Homes and Gardens recipe. Absolutely delish!!!

  2. Also hating politics. Politics creeped into so many of the conversations with my parents when we were at the lake (they are Republicans and support Trump, mostly because they are super prolife and are a single-issue voter). I have been trying to read/watch less news because it's just not good for my mental health and I've tried to reduce my time on social media for the same reason. Le sigh.

    I didn't even know there was a vegetable called a loofah! I also would have been making soap/bath jokes!

  3. You make jewelry too? Every day I learn about another hidden talent and hobby of yours! You certainly have many interests and talents. The earrings are so pretty. I agree- the election can't come soon enough. Everything is so political these days.