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Monday, November 5, 2018

Day 6 in Scotland: Walking the West Highland Way

Our final leg! An easy jaunt from Kinlochleven to Fort William!
My bed at the BnB
This day was unlike the others, in that most of the day was a straight shot through a valley. We were used to a lot more terrain changes, but the views were lovely and the walking pretty gentle.

There were some lovely old ruined cottages.

And more ruined cottages. 

And cairns.
And then we neared Glen Nevis, and we knew we were close to the end of the walk. It started to get busy on the trail!

The mountains were incredible, but much more crowded than we'd grown accustomed to. 

And then suddenly we were on city streets, and we were in Fort William - and then we reached the end of the trail!

Our faces are SO chapped at this point.

We wrapped up the night with some Indian food, because honestly - neither of us could stomach anymore steak pie or potatoes in any form. And in a purely Scottish climax to the trip, we grabbed a pint at a pub to celebrate, and a drunk patron crashed into us and sent us, table, and beers flying. But no matter. 
Post-sloshing, and with plenty of beer after every patron tried to buy us a new one! 

We made it through and had such a lovely time with each other. It was the perfect venue for just enough conversation - a wonderful way to spend time with those you love. Now Melissa and I are making plans for her 50th! 


  1. Looks like a truly amazing trip! Love these shots.

  2. What a cool trip! I love that you did this for her milestone birthday!!