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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

This year's tree: running medals!

I finally put to use all of those finisher's medals David and I have collected over the years!
I've been removing the ribbons and stuffing them in a box for years, and finally the collection was large enough to cover the whole tree.

Some of them are kind of neat. I hadn't really looked at any of them since I took them off my neck! Here are a few favorites:
Top L, clockwise: My first long distance race, before RnR bought the Mardi Gras marathon; a medal that looks like a crawfish; one that looks like a boot (also...a medal from a 5k?!); a pretty one from the  Louisiana half

Top L, clockwise: My first marathon; last year's Ole Man River (with moving wheel!), one from a marathon I won; the cute wooden medal from the Bar Harbor half

Top L, clockwise: My one and only Boston, a spaceship (oh, Stennis, such a weird race), one of many Crescent City Classic 10k medals, and a hand-made model of John Brown's jail from Freedom's Run in Harper's Ferry - also David's first half. 
And after this, I'm throwing these out. Storage is at a premium in my uptown home!

What do you do with medals? Save them? Display them? Pitch them? 


  1. I love the tree! I have a medal rack but do a tree with medals each year. I haven't put it up yet. I'm ready to but waiting on my husband to drag down the Christmas tree!

    I don't think you should throw them out- at least not the Boston one (especially not the Boston one). Maybe if it's a 5K finisher's medal or some medal that you don't remember where it came from, but not the special ones.

  2. I'd say donate the medals. There's some organization that collects them and gives them to sick kids -- they only accept "earned" medals (so no surplus from a race), but seemed like a neat concept. I'm sentimental, and I keep mine, they hang over a corner of our dresser mirror so they don't really take up space.

  3. I LOVE this idea! Somewhere in my basement is a large box of a zillion half marathon finisher medals and AG awards from random 5Ks that's I can't bring myself to toss for whatever reason, but have never been able to think of a good use for. I just may he making ornaments out of a couple this year!

  4. That is such a great idea! I have some of mine hanging on a medal rack in our bedroom. Before that they just sat in a bin in storage!