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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Nike's best

A few months ago, I reviewed a new pair of Nike shorts: the Crew, a kind of cheap option for running shorts. But just a couple of weeks into ownership, one pair developed a hole in the key pocket! I contacted Nike customer service, and they asked me to mail them the pair for inspection. Shortly thereafter, I received a voucher for $35 to the Nike online store. The company policy is to give a voucher for the price of the product new, which is nice, and the whole process was pretty easy. You do have to pay to send your item to them - no shipping label provided - so I can see how it may not be worth it. These shorts were light and flat enough to stick in an envelope with a couple of stamps, but shoot, Fed Ex is like ten bucks a package! And if Nike decides that the damage isn't due to workmanship, you're just out that ten dollars (not sure if you have to pay them to return ship to you or not; I do know that you have an option to ask them to recycle your damaged item, rather than return it to you, if they choose not to refund you).

So now, here I am, with $35 worth of Nike product to buy, but - I don't know what to buy! I used to wear tempo shorts, and the last two pairs I owned lasted for many years. I also ran many, many races in a pair of black Nike shorts I got on Ebay that I think are tempos, but fit a little shorter and slimmer. I like these shorts a lot, because lately tempos seem voluminous and big all over, which fast becomes uncomfortable in sweaty conditions. So if I could find something like this I'd buy it. I still have those shorts, but I "save" them, so I rarely wear them; a second pair would be nice.
Crescent City Classic, my black tempo shorts

Acutely tearing already damaged hip labrum thanks
to many misdiagnoses - and winning overall female -
in black tempo shorts

Marathon PR and one of my funniest race black tempo shorts.

If you know what variation these shorts are, and if something similar is still available, let me know! Otherwise, what's your favorite Nike running product? Suggestions?


  1. I really like the Nike Miler singlets, if they still have those available- both the 1 and 2 versions. The latest have spaghetti straps though, and I don't like those. The singlets are wonderful and very flattering but not tight, good for hotter temps too.

  2. Nike Pacer shorts! This is the shorter version of the Nike tempo shorts. I love them for racing.

    Nike crew shorts are expensive but great too. They have real pockets and the material is the best.

    1. I must have the old crew! These just have one itty bitty pocket - and it's obviously not high quality, lol! Thank you for the pacer tip. I betcha that's what I've been looking for!

  3. That sucks that you had to pay for the return shipping. Booo Nike. Most companies are much better about taking your word for the damage with a photo or something like that. I hope you can find the shorts you are looking for!

  4. I'm not sure how you feel about spandex, but I like the Nike Pro shorts, and they are pretty cheap! I also wear their shoes, so I would put the money towards a pair of LunarGlides.

  5. I have had bad luck in the past few years with Nike shorts, with the exception of the light spandex "Pro" line, which is my favorite for racing. Their regular shorts are a bit too pricey for something I just feel "meh" about. And I think you're right that tempo shorts lately have gotten...weird.

    BUT, I do love me a Nike top -- they seem to fit me better than other brands. The miler was my favorite the last time I was stocking up.