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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Summer runs and life updates

Sure, I'm totally in shape and not
completely out of breath after every
single run (also, dang, that sweat-soaked
shirt! Ugh, summer!)
I am working my way back from time off rather painfully. I didn't do any cardio while I was off running, so not only am I out of shape aerobically, I also have some creaky joints and muscles suffering from disuse. But running has been going pretty well.

Right now, I'm on my very last class of this long, drawn-out MBA (due to program changes that limited how often classes were offered, my initial spring graduation date was extended to summer; my last four classes were taken alone rather than doubling up). Luckily, this class is not at all demanding, so I don't feel a time crunch affecting my running. My last class was seven weeks long, and every week required me to:
- read two chapters
- take a diagnostic quiz for each chapter
- take a quiz for each chapter, with content based on results of the diagnostic
- write a 1000 word essay
- complete an assignment (variable)
- take a 50-question test.
You know what that meant, of course. It meant that the essay content was pathetically poor, because the volume of work was just too great. Such a waste of time, and so little real learning involved! So I'm really enjoying this class, which is based entirely on your grade from three exams, no busy work required.

Anyway, I hit 40 miles this week, and did my first workout back: a fartlek I barely survived (it was very humid and I'm very out of shape). I also did some hill repeats today, since I think they really help with stride economy, glute strength, and power. I'm still doing my myrtles and some hip strengthening before every run, and I either do a quick stretching routine or a short strength routine post-run. Some routines I use are Coach Jay Johnson's "Grant Green" routine, a Runner's World strength routine, a glute medius routine, Peanut Butter Runner's 100-rep core workout, or a Nike training club stretch and strength routine. It varies - but about ten minutes max.

I'm feeling pretty strong, but honestly, my calves (yes, both!) don't feel 100%. I don't know if they're just weak, or tight, or what, but I keep feeling the need to stretch, and I often get sore after a short run. Hopefully all that works itself out soon - I've got races to run!


  1. Solid week back! Hopefully your calves will loosen up as you get back in your groove.

  2. Hooray for almost being done with your MBA! It's going to feel so good to have it behind you. That class format with all of the tests and such sounds odd for grad school. Seems more like what I'd expect for an undergrad class! What a pain.

    It's amazing how fast we can get out of shape. Glad you are back at it, though, and I'm sure you'll get your speed and endurance back super quickly.